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10/22/08 - paper trail to avoid being killed on Wanta conspiracy & disinfo, update #1

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:16 PM
10/22/08 - paper trail to avoid being killed on Wanta conspiracy & disinfo, update #1

This is part of the paper trail I am leaving on ATS, as I was told by one of Wanta's former associates (his former treasurer) that I would be killed if I investigated and published a book about this subject ...

-- however, to avoid that baloney, I'm just sticking with publicly available documentation ... the better part of valor. Of course, the publicly avail info available is disinfo ... so I'm sorting through a thousand pages of it to discern what, if anything, is true, and what is disinfo ... AND WHY (therein lies the treat).

-- guess what?! An ATS member in Southern California (I'm in northern California) volunteered to go to the Reagan Library to get me 30 pages of FOIA info on Wanta!!! -- including a 2-pg description of a pronouncement on Wanta of the Chief Supreme Justice of the U.S. When I get it I'll post it, and hopefully try to get it into the ATS FOIA file archive.

Allegedly, in 02-1363-A Judge Lee was proactive w/a decision &/or statement resolving the issue before him -- for Wanta to 'pursue liquidation of assets &/or corporations' --

allegedly the basis for subsequent Wanta/Ameritrust Groupe/Cottrell/Story legal action -- so 02-1363-A is of major interest to me.

here's an email I got today from U.S. District Court back east (but the info I want is Judge Lee's pronouncement on Case No. 02-1363-A, am still trying to locate that) ...

information I have so far concerning Wanta/Ameritrust. The

case number is 07cv609 entitled Wanta v. Henry Paulson, et al.
It was before Judge Ellis on September 7, 2007. The reporter was ----. Another hearing was on October 19, 2007 also before Judge Ellis. The reporter was ---- official court reporter to Judge Ellis.

The next

case number is 03cv571 Miapollo Investments, Leo Wanta v. Morgan Stanley.
There is a transcript on file for the date of October 3, 2003. It is listed as entry number 16 in the docket. In the same case there is a conference call that was on February 19, 2004, docketed as entry 33 and a bench trial on March 3, 2004, docketed as entry 46. You may have to contact--- the Division Manager to get the reporters' information.

here's another (see only 1st 4 paragraphs):

At the moment, I think it's blowback from CityofLondon/BankofInternationalSettlements/BCCI/Savings&LoanScandal/Enron/WTC-911 ...but, it's a mystery story, all right -- even though it's alleged to be the cause of current geo-financial crises ...I'll post paper trail updates of great significance, like todays, from time to time, okay?

summary to date
(very difficult uphill psychic day today, but was spiritually rewarded and received 2 long-awaited emails in response to me collecting legal documention concerning the alleged 4.5-trillion-to-70-trillion Wanta Ameritrust Group conpiracy & disinfo -- allegedly responsible for the current geo-financial crises but maybe just an old BIS/CIA/Mossad/BCCI/City of London/Savings&LoanScandal cover-up rather than implicating the largest bank in the world, ICBI in China, which I intuitively feel is the replacement for BCCI/ICIC being replaced by ICBI as the current City-of-London/drugs/weapons/terrorist/slave/gold/money-laundering trafficking geo-center while bringing in the one world currency as the CNWO - bringing China, Russia, India and the -stan countries into the NWO.)

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 12:35 AM
Flabbergasted to say the least. 4.5 to 70 trillion! Thanks for putting this here, matey.

Are court documents FOIA materials if they are likely to link people/corps to wrong doing? I am going to bet now and say : exempt.

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 06:16 AM

NOTE: if you want me to continue publicly reporting on Wanta, you will have to reply on an ongoing basis. Otherwise, I'll keep the research private.

I'm thinking about switching to writing short stories for a while instead of investigative journalism, or at least slowing my public investigative work down.


prior info:


The following diary, which is published by permission of the Ambassador and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., the Treasurer of AmeriTrust Groupe Inc., illustrates how the corrupt US bank robbers misled the Chinese authorities, the Vatican and the Ambassador and Mr Cottrell during the month of November and early December:

(cont) excerpts from:

mishandling, since last June [2005], of the Wanta Settlement. In accordance with the agreement signed off on 12th December 2005 by the President, the Vice-President, the Treasury Secretary, the Supreme Court, and key American legislators, it should have been implemented with effect from the beginning of July 2006…

• 17 November: The US Treasury sends a Data Transmittal (‘Data Burst’) for the transfer and delivery of the $4.5 trillion payments: US TREASURY – FEDERAL RESERVE – BANK OF AMERICA (Los Angeles) – WACHOVIA BANK (New York) – ALL ACCOUNTS.

• 17 November: WACHOVIA BANK DIRECTS THE PAYMENTS TO HSBC (Birmingham, United Kingdom), and Deutsche Bank, Berlin, via MR ROBERT ARMENTA (so-called ‘Compliance Officer’, Federal Reserve Bank of New York) and MR DONALD TRUSLOW (Wachovia, New York). This information was provided by a US Treasury Compliance Officer.

• 17 November: Chinese parties advise associates of Ambassador Wanta and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., as follows:

1. Hank Paulson had approached the Chinese authorities and the Elders with a proposal that they should accept a joint trading venture between China, the US Treasury and AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc, Leo Wanta and Michael C. Cottrell, M.S.

disclaimer cont.

• 18 November: The Chinese authorities advise that if AmeriTrust/Leo Wanta are not paid by 12.00 Noon on Monday 20th November 2006, they will give their expert associates the full authority to make the $4.5 trillion payment directly to Ambassador Leo Wanta and contract. Underlying this stance are two crucial factors:

1: The only Americans they trust are Ambassador Wanta, with whom they had extensive dealings many years ago, and who they know to be a financial expert who can always be relied on to meet his obligations, as he always did in his past dealings with them, and his colleague Michael C. Cottrell, M.S.. By contrast, Hank (‘Conflict-of-Interest’) Paulson has lied to them several times

disclaimer: NEEDS TO BE DOCUMENTED by legal sources AND MAY BE DISINFORMATION &/or delusional.

2: The Chinese authorities are extremely concerned that the irresponsible and reckless behaviour of the Bush II authorities will lead to a universal financial and economic catastrophe, in the course of which their economy will be crucified. By making the payment direct to the Ambassador’s Securities Account with Morgan Stanley, New York, they will be assured that the taxed trading programmes which are ‘ready to go’ will generate the appropriate resources for global refunding and stability, preventing the catastrophe that is looming and may be only days or weeks away.

• 18 November: The so-called ‘Compliance Officer’ with Deutsche Bank, New York, admits that Las Vegas – where a sizeable group of criminalised intelligence operatives is based, given that in that city’s environment, they enjoy reliable cover as everyone there is a crook of some kind or another – is the ‘entry point’ for the money laundering of US dollars to ‘mirrored accounts’ at Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt and Berlin. Note: The 17th Floor of Deutsche Bank’s skyscraper in Frankfurt is an offshore centre, and therefore does not form part of the Federal Republic of Germany.

This revelation throws the spotlight on the nefarious drug-related operations of the George Bush Sr. (DVD Chief) component of the ‘Box Gang’, and shows how fiat and drug-trafficking funds are funnelled into the coffers of Deutsche Bank, which is the DVD’s primary operating institution – implementing the DVD’s long-range Nazi Continuum Global Hegemony Strategy, driven by bribery.

disclaimer: NEEDS TO BE DOCUMENTED by legal sources AND MAY BE DISINFORMATION &/or delusional.

• 20 November: Chinese source advises that President George W. Bush had been sharply urged during the Vietnam Summit Meeting on 18th November by the Chinese Finance Minister to effect the Wanta payment without any further tricks, shenanigans or deceptions. President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who was present at the meeting, concurred. He is owed $30 billion under the Reagan Protocols, which Ambassador Leo Wanta must disburse.

* 20 November: The US Treasury now wheels out its pre-arranged alibi – which is that Wachovia is uniquely responsible for effecting the payment, since Wachovia had received, and then ‘lost’, the funds. However, the funds disbursed to Wachovia were NOT the hard cash dollar cash funds ($4.5 trillion) which remain tagged and held in the name of Ambassador Leo Wanta and his Commonwealth of Virginia-based AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc., but rather ‘shadow’ fiat funds generated by the illegal trading of Leo Wanta’s tagged $4.5 trillion. This deception was perpetrated under the watch and authority of Hank Paulson, who has signature authority over the $4.5 trillion illegally held and traded by Goldman Sachs, New York

disclaimer cont.

* 22 November: The US Treasury, the Federal Reserve and the White House are jointly and openly undermining the US dollar so that the EU Collective Currency and the pound sterling are artificially strengthened, collecting a large pool of US dollars offshore (in the United Kingdom, India and Malaysia), facilitating the generation of massive profits through undertaking trades that discount the value of the US dollar. Additionally:

* They are seeking to drag the United Kingdom and Switzerland into supporting the EU Collective Currency (which, because it is a collective currency controlled by no sovereign power, is actually backed by nothing), rather than the US dollar and/or their own currencies.

* This of course diminishes the value of the Chinese authorities’ $1.0 trillion reported pool of foreign exchange (dollar) reserves.

disclaimer cont.

* These transactions also highlight the idiocy of most financial/economic reporting on the dollar crisis to date by ‘mainstream’ media pundits, who (a) have neglected our reports on this subject since June, (b) are having to run fast to catch up, (c) have still failed to factor in the collapse of confidence generated by the US authorities’ criminal financial operations and maneuvers to avoid paying out the real hard dollar cash $4.5 trillion tagged and earmarked in the name of Ambassador Wanta and his corporation.

* 24 November: An attempt is made, by a representative seeking to facilitate transactions, to get AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. to approve and participate in a US Treasury Buy/Sell ‘off-balance sheet’ transaction with SKS, a California corporation, via Bank of America. This approach was made to Mr Cottrell

disclaimer: NEEDS TO BE DOCUMENTED by legal sources AND MAY BE DISINFORMATION &/or delusional.

* 25 November: Another incredible proposition is made by an Arab intermediary, who was no doubt associated with George Bush Sr., to be involved, would you believe, in a vast currency exchange transaction switching $300 trillion into Euro. This would of course destroy the US dollar and would implode the EU Collective Currency itself, which as indicated above is underpinned by zilch. The brazen effrontery of this latest approach makes it clear that the DVD is fully intent upon inflicting its coup-de-grace on the Americans, as it clearly sees this situation as its last chance to achieve its objective (stated in documents captured by the Allies after World War II) of ‘Building the Thousand-Year Reich on the Ruins of the United States’.

disclaimer: NEEDS TO BE DOCUMENTED by legal sources AND MAY BE DISINFORMATION &/or delusional.

Under the intended global system, it would not, therefore, be the US dollar that acts as the genesis of the intended New World Order global currency, but rather a revived deutschemark, or World Mark. It is worth examining this element of the conspiracy in more detail:

The provider of US dollars under this gross transaction would be a front company operating for the Federal Reserve labelled ‘GESG’ via the CIA’s captive bank, Bank of America, Los Angeles, California. The banker involved is a certain Mr Marvic. This is a Black operation of the traitorous ‘German Fifth Column’ within the CIA which, come the revolution that these people seem to be laying the groundwork for, will experience the actual harsh reality of George H.W. Bush Sr.’s reported comment: ‘If the American people knew what we had done, they would string us all up on lamp posts’.

It would permanently destroy the US dollar and enable the European criminalists to seize, temporarily, control of the world oil market as no-one would invoice their oil exports in dollars ever again. It shows what evil intentions successors of the Nazi Abwehr, Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD) entertains.

* 26 November: Henry Paulson is reported to remain unwilling to place any relevant transaction ‘on the books’.[/ex

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