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NASA's Project blue beam - NWO

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 04:16 PM

This may be old news on here, but I belive it is a valid explination for belief in UFO and Aliens.

It is ver plausible the existence of UFO and Aliens, are nothing more than a play on people fears of the unkown. Ver convenient in uniting anyone and everyone against this supposed threat. Why else is there so many films, tv shows, making aliens out to be evil, bad for humanity, a threat to our very existence etc.

Please flag this thread, so we can get as many people as possible discussing both sides of the argument.

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 04:34 PM
While I recognise the concept, I dont see the pattern. Most modern perception indoctrinates "ET"s as being some kind of fluffy amusing concept. This goes against the logic of any campaign to create a threat scenario.

I believe any methodology in play can be seen in its active phases by looking back and I dont see anything which indicates that sort of agenda.

There are of course possible agendas which arise, some, most in fact, rather disconcerting for joe mushroom. In most cases "we" the grat unwashed usually end up in the "surplus to requirements" category.

Consider this, if you wanted a New World, would it be effective given the basics of chaos theory that you begin this order with 6billion people under its branches? Such a mass of postential conflict will always prove very difficult to master, especially when considering the potential for conflict in the human species. To manouver 6 billion people to such a point would be ideological folly.

There will come a crux point in any scenario where "fear" currently manifested as conspiracy theory, becomes a valid phenomenon and motive becomes visible in the context of past accusations. At that point im afraid any NWO would not only lose control, they would be hunted down and lynched.

So, either the NWO lack genuine intelligence and do everything with brute force, or theres something else in play.

Id be more inclined to the concepts of some disaster, war or event which conveniently reduces humanity to a barebones, socially fragmented and "disorganised" status and from that, a new order could begin with success. From chaos comes order, a point history reflects admirably.

Again, the majority of us are surplus to the final equation.

Also we could be considering a scenario where people who though they could handle something in secret are now concerned that things are becoming harder to contain. If it blows involuntarily without control and a list of coverups and lies are revealed in the moment, the new order will fall like a meteor under the waves of resentment.

Disclosure itself could then be a manipulated stage of desensitizing the population in order to create justifications for technologies which are going to be brought to bear sooner or later. I said before, once we are used to the idea of aliens, a couple of "alien" crashes and a year of "research" and all past misdemeanors become buried under the weight of the new reasoning and perception.

"Hey we found a spacraft in 2008" becomes popular reasoning "ahh that explains how you built that new plane this year". You arent just going to unleash a fleet of UFOs home built and expect people to forget common popular mythology, you would wind up in a poop strom faster than you could blink.

Another idea could be that those who once thought they could play with aliens and come out evens, now fear they are going to come out second best. The power of any elite is actutely dependant on the control they have over the masses. If aliens control the masses, the elite falls. So maybe in order to survive and retain the status quo they need to bring the population in line with the new way of life, before someone else outs themselves first as the savoir of humanity.

Maybe an alien intelligence purposely manipulated greedy men into a situation where the world is in crisis, by which tactic they can present new power and healing technology and instantly gain control of the masses and the planet themsleves, cutting out the NWO entirely. Im sure if aware of such a threat the NWO would need to take steps to invalidate it.

Its a fascinating subject but still so many possibilities exists that the truth is hard to find.

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