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Window of Opportunity

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:22 PM

Thanks for the nice read and if you are for real thanks for the information given.

You are very welcome. I trust that you will use the tools you have been given.

I go to work to pay my bills, I live a good life with friends, loved ones, people I care about. I am essentially a good person but I do have the full range of emotions as a 'real' human, ie, jealousy, hate etc. I guess I would describe myself as 'luke-warm' to use your phrase.

How can I as an individual take what you say as the 'truth'?

No one is asking you to. Never take what another says to you as "Truth". Your purpose here, is to find your own Truth. Sometimes, others can help you to do so by offering guidance, but for their Truth to become your Truth, it must pass through the test of your discernment. Sit quietly in meditation, and ask the Infinite Creator to guide your path. Meditate upon that which I have shared, and listen to your inner feelings. They are the language of your Soul.

Use all your Negative emotions as they arise, as the tools that they truly are. Train yourself to notice when Negativity arises in you. When you catch yourself projecting a Negative thought, remember that all thought is creative, and ask yourself if that is really what you want to create?
It takes a while to become proficient, but do not give up. Just keep noticing your Negative thought patterns as they arise, and in so doing, simply choose again, and select a response that is more Positive. It is called 'working on yourself', and is the main reason you have chosen to be here right now. To work upon yourself. I wish you well in your transformation process.

I also read through the above link from one calling themselves 'The Insider', although his / her posts were less sophisticated than yours. Was he your predecessor? One of your ilk charged with this 'disclosure'?

A good question. I have just read through that material. It was very interesting. No, not a 'predecessor of mine', and not a disclosure I was previously aware of, which had it come from my Family, would be highly strange. Though, I note that he himself stated that he is "from a minority", and certain clues within his writing gives me a very good idea which one.
I would say his material is around 60% accurate. The feelings I get from reading him, are not that he intentionally included inaccurate information, but that he was just not in possession of the "bigger picture". Were he to be from the "minority" group I believe him to be from, that would make perfect sense.


posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:24 PM

So when the Harvest comes, my time here is over and this conscious shell I live in is no more, what then? What happens to me? What happens to my friends and loved ones? Are we, and by we, I mean the vast vast majority of us who possess this planet, this dimension, this density, by and large going to be ignorant of the events you foretell?

This is a good question. I like questions that come from the heart.

It depends upon the circumstances surrounds your final moments of this particular Lifetime. For example, let us say that the physical aspect of you was to do the thing called "die" during the coming earth changes, you will immediately return to that wondrous realm in which we reside in between incarnations, that which we call time/space or 'anti-matter'. This is the place that humans refer to as "Heaven". There you shall meet with all those you love who have also "died" during this life experience, and enjoy a wonderful and emotional reunion. You will meet up with your Soul Group, and your Spiritual Teachers. We all store a portion of our Soul Energy on 'the other side' when we come here. Depending upon the difficulty level of the life-experience we've chosen, we take more or less of our Energy with us. For an average "Lifetime", we typically bring between 60-80% of our Soul Energy into incarnation with us. Therefore, even if ones you love who are already back in the world of Spirit have incarnated again on another adventure, there will still be a part of their Energy there to meet with you, and welcome you Home. You will then evaluate your life-experience with your Teachers, and learn the lessons of your successes and your mistakes. You will then spend time in learning and resting, before begining to plan your next incarnation.

For those who do not physically "die" before the Great Harvest arrives, there will be a moment of "zero-point time", where you will enjoy an ecstatic merging with the Infinite Creator, giving you a wonderful reminder and reassurance of who and what you really are, before the veil of forgetfulness once again descends upon you, and you will be transported to the place that awaits you, depending upon whether you join us in 4th Density Negative (unlikely), Graduate to 4th Density Positive (possible), or go to another similar 3rd Density planet (for the "luke-warms") to continue in your learning for however many Cycles it takes you to Graduate to 4th Density Positive. Those in this category will not remember anything at the time of your transition, it will be just like nothing has changed, except you will retain the memory of your "zero-point" experience to encourage you. You will not remember the recent experiences of the Harvest in this life here. It just be as though you all had some mystical experience, and life will continue as 'normal' for you.

I find you difficult to believe and yet you respond and inform in a very sophisticated manner, it is quite intriguing.....

That is good. I do not want for you to blindly believe me. Too many on this planet spend their entire lifetime doing and thinking things because others say that they are true.

What I want, is that my words become a Catalyst for you. That is what we came here to do. If my words cause you, even if for just a short time, to stop for a moment, and evaluate that which you 'think' you already know about the nature of Life, and take for granted as being true (because "everyone else believes it"), then my time will have been well spent. My desire is that you become an Authentic Human Being, thinking, and feeling, and deciding for yourself what "feels" like Truth for you. I wish you well in your endeavors.


posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:25 PM

This is the 2nd time i have asked please answer?

Do you know me? Do you know who i'm? What part do i play in all this? When will i awake? Will i awake? Should i awake? I feel it in me, but i'm afraid to let it out? Help me!

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:25 PM
Ok, "LowLevelMason", I did say I would not respond to you further, but there are a few important areas which can be addressed from your last posts.

You can't provide 1 shred of proof that this isn't a hoax even though it would be incredibly easy to do so, were you who you claim you were.

Won't. Not can't. Big difference.

This is not intended to be an object lesson prophesy fulfillment.

If you think I thought that I would be blindly believed, or even wanted for that to happen, you are very much mistaken. I would be disappointed if that were to be the case, for you will have learned nothing from my time here. (Not you personally, I mean 'you' as in people in general).

My task here, as has been my task incarnating here for thousands of years, is to provide a Catalyst. To make you think. (Again, not 'you' personally, I mean in general).

If I were to give you the "proof" that you are looking for, if I were to predict things and tomorrow they all happen before your very eyes, people would likely take everything I've said here as "gospel". That would be disasterous were that to occur, because you will have learned nothing for yourselves.

It's not about me. I'm just a messenger. It's all about you (again, generally speaking), and what you do in relation to the Catalyst. Question what you "think" you know about reality. Seek the Infinite Creator within you, and ask for It's guidance.

"Ask, and you will receive. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you".

I am a 32nd degree Mason, although if you were really a royal bloodline person you would know that it means nothing.

If you have Genuinely attained the level of "Sublime Prince of The Royal Secret" through the Scottish Rite, or that of the "Order of the Knight's Templar" through the York Rite, and have not been taught of the Truths of Creation, then I would be very interested indeed to know which area Lodge you attend, as I would very much like to speak with your current Worshipful Master.
Naturally I completely understand and respect if you do not wish to make such personal details known publicly though.

Of course. what you said in another post about there only being three degrees is true, for those attending the Blue or Craft Lodges, though as you've stated that you are 32nd degree, I'm presuming you are either Scottish Rite, or the York Rite's equivalent.

I hope to be able to be present personally in the event that you are ever invited to progress beyond the 33rd Degree. I would like to be the one tasked with introducing you to Lucifer. I expect you will likely come back and say how there is no further progression beyond 33rd. Well, if you're lucky, there will be a nice surprise in store for you, somewhere down the line. I sincerely hope that make it that far.

That your repeating debunked conspiracy theory shows your just here to hoax.

That word "debunked" always brings me a hearty laugh. Some people seem to think that throwing the word "debunked" around means that it really has been. The vast majority of "debunking" has more holes in it that the "conspiracy theories" it's meant to be silencing. Just enough of a "shell" to help those who really don't want the Truth to be True, to carry on believing that it's not, so they can replace their heads back into the sand for a while longer.

Anyway, I must press on with questions from those with open minds, I leave you with my regards, keep up your good work.


posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:27 PM

Every time there is a downward trend in the world a plethora of self-help gurus rise up with catchy litte books and seminars to grab us and pull us out of the doldrums and back on the path of richousness.

Love that way that works.

"When you find the value in the rock, you will find the treasure in yourself and in others"

A subtle, and multi-layered truth indeed.

Over the course of my life I have occasionally resorted to prayer, some formal & some not with truly astounding & nearly instant physical results. I've taken these results to heart as personal evidence that some higher force or forces can respond in a meaningful manner to at least me & perhaps to anyone; Still, I don't rule out the possibility of coincidence. From your vantage point, would you please be gracious enough to shed light on this phenomena

There is no such thing as coincidence. Nothing happens by chance.

Life is in a constant process of communication with us. Only mostly, people are too busy to notice.

Our Infinite Creator longs to be close to us. In truth, he is closer than most would believe, they just don't notice him. As they pass him by on the street every day, when he gives them their change at the shop, when you tuck her into bed and give her a kiss goodnight, when you squash him as he's running up your bathroom wall toward his web. When there's no-one else in the room but 'you'.

The main reason people don't have their "prayers" answered, is because they do not really believe that they will. Don't have "faith" in our Infinite Creator, have Trust in him. The most Powerful form of "prayer", is Thanksgiving. "For even before you ask, I have already given it unto you". Thanksgiving, is knowing that our Infinite Creator has provided for you as he promised, and being thankful for that, even before you see the results. The more we trust in our Creator, the more results we get.

Life gives us what we expect we'll receive. (Because all thought is Creative). If we get up, and expect to have a bad day, more often than not, that's exactly what we'll get.

But remember, that it works both ways.

And this one would be the hoaxer's sock puppet (new name, all posts in this thread, acting as the coach for the OP), created to give him/her the aura of credibility.

Oh dear. You really are desperately clutching at straws. Any Admin can have the power to see if I'm using multiple accounts. I would be more than happy for an Admin to say if I am. Because I am not. Two accounts will show for me. "Hidden-Hand", my first one that I never got the confirmation email for, and this one, "Hidden_Hand", the one I did get the confirmation for.
My Infinite Creator gives me the only "credibility" that I need, or that I want, for that matter.


posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:29 PM

Hidden_Hand: I've enjoyed reading your posts if for nothing then the unusual ( for ATS "whistleblowers" anyway ) fact that it isn't bullet holed with bad writing, grammer and typos. May I respectfully recomend that you choose another venue next time? ( I like ProjectCamelot myself ). In anycase I'm still reading with an open mind but sceptical mind.

Thank you. We are aware of Project Camelot. They are doing some remarkable work. Though I was not aware they also have a forum, if that's what you are suggesting? Not really my area usually, dealing with the internet. In fact I rarely have time to even venture onto it. I have quite enjoyed this time of relating to others over "cyber-space".

Well, if you're game for an "assignment", or maybe someone else if you haven't the time, I would be happy for someone to collate this topic (minus the "interruptions") so that the message appears with just the actual flow of questions and answers, and post it there in one piece, if you so desire. As I mentioned before, I chose ATS as I was reliably informed that it is one of the forums with a higher rate of intelligence and reasoning amongst it's members. On the whole, from my experience here, I would tend to agree.
Though if you think it would be of value to Camelot, by all means you are most welcome to spread this message. The more people it can reach, the better.

Hidden_Hand, a question to you.

I have very few dreams now a days, but I had one last night, and it urged me to pose a question to you. I find it amazing that out of all the topics the universe has to offer, it offers me this

Nothing by chance sir, nothing by chance.

Dreams are a key method our Souls use to speak with us. The conscious mind is too busy and distracted most of the time, to hear what Spirit has to say. So It tends to use the subconscious instead.

Hidden_Hand, I have, for my whole life searched near and far for answers to questions.

When I read your words I am compelled from within to explore their complete meanings and truthfulness. I am forced to examine them to the fullest. And I am charged with comparing them to the truth within me.

That is precisely that way it should be. Again, I would encourage you NOT to just blindly accept what I say as "the truth". It never was my intention that anyone should make such an error in judgment. That is not to say that my words are not True, but that one must weigh them up, meditate upon them, and decide for yourself in the light of your intuition and inner feelings, whether or not these words "feel" True for you.

It is now up to each one of us to face the truth we have inside and decide who and what we truly are, and what we truly stand for.


Hidden Hand, my question I pose to you, with the greatest respect and humility, Who will you stand before when we are all called home?

We shall stand as all shall, before our One Infinite Creator.

We already know that which awaits us, in our coming 4th Density Negative Polarity world. We shall have to experience the Negativity of our own creation, and know what it feels like. We shall have to work off the Karmic effect of our actions. But at the same time, knowing that this is a beautiful and intricate game that we are all co-creating here together, we also know that we shall be rewarded with a hearty "thank you" and "job well done", for the Sacrifice we have made, in bringing this Negative Polarity into your Game for you, that you may use it wisely, to see that which you are not.

Thank you for your questions, we wish you all the very best, and ask our Infinite Creator to bless your path.


posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:31 PM

Thank you for the information you have shared with us.

You are very welcome.

As you will be leaving us this Friday I would be interested in finding verification for other possible sources of information for this knowledge. You have mentioned the "RA" chanelings, but I also see similarities in three other sources which have been discussed in this and other forums on the internet. I would appreciate your evaluation of the information coming from these sources in the light of your messages. They are ACIM (A course in Miracles, alledgedled channeled by the Christos), The Edgar Cayce Material (In which the RA entity may have played a part), and the "Terra Papers". Can those of us seeking to continue our understanding of these matters find anything of use from these sources?

ACIM has some core truths within it, mainly along the lines of the Law of Radiation and Attraction, but it is also littered with inaccuracies.

I am not aware of "the Terra Papers".

Edgar Cayce's work is significant. There are many distortions within it, but for ones who are of a discerning mind, there is much strong meat to be ingested from it's reading. Keep an open mind, but weigh it all up (as you should any philosophy that you allow to enter into the sacred space of your mind) and take the Truths that resonate with you.

Also you mentioned 2 prior contacts (1999 and 2003) can you shed some more light and specifics on those sources as I assume they are not to be considered privileged to those who ask?

Unfortunately that is beyond my remit. The 2003 material was removed by the Admins of the site it was shared at as they felt it was "causing too much controversy", and the 1999 material was not released for the same reasons as that which I am sharing here. There was much Truth within it, but our goals have changed in many ways since that time, and it would be misleading for me to point you in it's direction now, in fact I have been specifically instructed by my own upline not to do so. I am sorry.

Thank you for your assistance,

You are welcome. That is a wonderful word to have ended your communication with.
If one would genuinely live by it's essence, "to recognize and honour the divine spark within each of us" we would be in for a massively Positive Harvest.

Namasté to you too. We ask that our One Infinite Creator blesses you, and guides your path.


I wonder if Hidden_Hand has read something called The Law of One. I've only picked through it (having just stumbled on it after reading these posts)...but it reads remarkably similar to H_H's responses here.

So is this the hoax source, or is that book instead the "truth?" Maybe H_H could respond...?

I have already made reference to this (The Ra material) earlier in the topic.

As I stated then, yes, it is the most accurate public information available in this world currently, and I strongly recommend it's reading, to anyone with an enquiring mind.

I read some, but not all of the books when they first came out, some 25 years or so ago, and it is very similar to the knowledge my Family has, and have passed down for many many generations.

It is approximately 85-90% accurate. The inaccuracies occurred when the channel was weak, and were not intentional. We know Ra (the entity) very well, and are happy that they are even now still working here on this planet "behind the scenes" to prepare for the Great Harvest.

I think I'm up to date with your questions now, if I have missed any (that are not unimportant ones, such as what car I drive for example), then please let me know.

We have two sessions left together, and then I must take my leave. Will look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:40 PM
you missed mine was it not important?

Ty i look forward to tomorrow.....

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posted on Oct, 22 2008 @ 11:50 PM
reply to post by Hidden-Hand

Please forgive the unenlightened that have shown you disrespect. I have been privy to be taught the histories of what you speak. In short, many many years ago I was told the only chance I have is to evolve and get off this planet. I admit I should be further along in my journey towards ascension, but still it consumes all of my waking hours. I know the powers you speak have already evacuated this plane.

Mankind has not learned to get up each day and create their future. Instead, it is their uncontrolled unconscious that is creating their future. The world would change over night, if we understood that it has to be created. But, we are controlled by our stupid, superstitious religions and limited belief systems. Mankind has never understood that they must master their emotions and addictions.

We must all give up our past, Master our emotions, Master our fear of death. Study science and move to the future. See ourselves alive in the future every day. Create a time line where you are alive. There is still hope. It can all change in a moment.

H.H. thank you for sharing your wisdom. Are you an alchemist?

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 12:00 AM
Brilliant thread! I enjoyed every line. I applaud the near Majesty for such revelations and strategic play. Unfortunately, I have to ask a question.

When did you notice that your opponent checkmated you, and will you be playing again, or did such an insult to you tender sensitivities cause your thin skin of cream to curdle?

Welcome to the future of your own making. It's a sad day to realize that the board one which you play was created by the hands of your master. And, that I desire nothing more than to watch you defeated, in repetition.

It's been a pleasure. I'll give your regards to your mother. It's too bad that her grace is lost in the maze of your greed and vanity.

in Liberty,

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 12:10 AM
Removed because these questions have been answered.

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 12:13 AM

Originally posted by schiass

Also, what happens to children at the time of the great harvest?

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 12:14 AM

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS
Can the evolvement of our own consciousness redirect paradigm to a creation of a world to our liking? What is to be said of obtaining balance? What is your analyst of Right brain Left brain balance and obtaining truth?

Is the now NASA’s plutonium-powered Cassini orbiting spacecraft a threat to your planet? And what was the reasoning for the Lucifer project?

Are the PTB focusing on creating a negative point in the universe to upset the balance of our universe?

Synchronicity of the title of your thread resonates with star gate 1(episode4) "Jackson tells Malakai that he had the opportunity to hear the Ancients' language spoken aloud. This was about a year and a half ago, when O'Neill had the knowledge of the Ancients downloaded into his brain ("The Fifth Race")."

Was the 911 ritual the creation of a star gate?

Unless you find yourself in the company of one who lives constantly and consistently the obviousness and clarity of the self - at home in the heart, self realized - then you will only keep on getting lost in the machinations of who you think you are.

Window of Opportunity December 15, 2006

And I am not referring to the majority of these so called "awakened teachers" who currently proliferate this planet with their "about" teachings. These folk may well inspire you to do or look for more than your normal daily drudgery because they appeal to your mind and partly to your heart. They will not and cannot bring you directly home to the heart because that is not where they consciously reside. They themselves are still learning - "gradually," even though their "gradual" may well be faster than your "gradual" - about who they are not.

A self realizer is a window of opportunity to the heart.

So could the predictions of federation of light's "Goodchild" could have been true in a sense instead of a UFO or our understanding of a UFO could be light bearers influencing mankind ascend / descend to a higher/lower vibration status? I think that her message did serve a purpose it showed how many people are wanting change and looking for salvation. Although it would be an intervention of freewill or a savoir of mankind. I would assume that most people that would call them self’s light bearers would agree that man can only save himself.

David Rockefeller (Sept.23 1994): “This present window of opportunity during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be opened for to long. We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order”.

Is Rockefeller bloodline involved in the promotion of the occult and Satanism, and how are they are involved in the control of the Christian denominations?

Is the Rockefeller bloodline involved in the promotion of occult and Satanism? Are they are involved in the control of the Christian denominations? Are they also involved in hiding our true nature?

Is the creation of fear, terror, horror and suffering by your kind to create loosh emotions for feeding at the time of harvest?

Are the bloodlines that have been infused with the ancient wisdoms trying to become god’s themselves?

Can beings of the negative plane use the spiritual law of attraction or do they depend on humans to manifest there own negative existence?

We start off being of Lucifer placed in a world of negative existence find oneself true being of logos or Christ (not the Jesus figurative) to escape the bounds of the 3rd dimension to ascend to a higher plane of existence to become one with our god?

Since we are all consciousness can we (humans) manipulate or paint the world into what we would consider a better place of balance instead of left hand negative leaning? Would this require using spiritual laws to accomplish this task?

What is 11.11?


posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 12:15 AM
And this one:

Originally posted by arc de triumphe
Please explain how new born babies are infused with spirits after birth.

Since 2012's harvest time is close at hand what's the normal time frame to build up ones golden garment or magnetic field in order to prepare for their own Ascension? How is the best way to accomplish this task?

What is your interpretation of the number 666?

Can you explain syncromystism and what value if any it serves.

Does a website like this serve the purpose of negative generating? I notice that most of the conspiracy sites are 95% negative and have often pondered that if they are spreading information to millions of people about what is coming there has to be a reason. 1. the spreading of negative emotions 2. spreading of disinformation 3. It seems to me that the PTB share a legalistic duty and have to let us know what is going to happen to us before they implement their plans. Does this assessment sound correct?

What is your view and understanding of the spiritual laws that govern this world? Does your kind have to abide by these laws as well?

As humans do we have to accept the things before they are done to us? Is this some unwritten law that the PTB follows?

Would you consider all religions a form of organized governance?

Was it a easy process to dictate control over humanity? Was the introduction of the television the breaking point for humanity?

Is it your bloodlines job to trap the profane?

Is it true that the CIA has funded portions of the New Age movement? If so please explain why.

What is wrong with having an ego and why do the new age religions try to suppress the ego? Without an ego is seems as though one can't ponder his own existence. Or in fact learn from the wealth of knowledge that we are searching for in making mistakes and correcting those mistakes. How come a branch of the New Age is trying to suppress the EGO? Is this the way of the coming order?


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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 01:32 AM
reply to post by Hidden_Hand

H.H. strangely, my concern is that I will be recycled back onto the wheel of life and be reborn with a new brain and lose everything I have so arduously learned in this life time. My dream is to be a master such as yourself.

My question is what percent of the population would have to wake up from this dream in order to make a significant difference in the up coming cataclysmic future? I endeavor each day to master myself and change. To develop a mind that has mastery over my body. I feel I have come so far in this life time and yet not far enough.

My dream is to one day personally meet great masters like yourself and learn what you know. Are you and your kind aware of individuals like me, that deeply desire to know God in themselves? Thank you for coming here and sharing your vast knowledge of the universe. I have much to ponder.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 01:35 AM
Honored sir (or madam)
I wish to be the one to bring a new planetary energy system to the world. As it is assumed that the "families" have great knowledge, I humbly request access to this small bit of needed information.
A U2U message to set up a more secure route of communication would be splendid, I presume.
I am aware I can never be a "member", but "acolyte" would suffice.
I am also aware a trade off would be in the offing, and discussions of such would be held with respect, though not with guaranteed acceptance.

I await your reply.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:10 AM
Seriously, I have one more incarnation to pass after this one (if I complete this one with honor to the one), and it is the incarnation dealing with self love and realization.
It would be an unworthy honor to add my name to a world changing system, though I probably wouldn't remember it consciously the next time around, my karma would see the benefit to the whole and I might just be incarnated as a lowly waif to learn my last lesson.
If not, then-----merry meet and merry be.

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 02:44 AM
Thanks for answering my questions ...

You reference the ancient Egyptians frequently, like Ra, and the concept of analyzing dreams, along with the astrological references and alignment of star systems. So I would ask, if it is indeed a fact that the Sphynx, and great pyramids are aligned with precision to the Orion Star belt, why you said the negative ones are from the Orion Empire?

I'm still not clear on what this harvest is. A "harvest" means to reap what has been sown - by you! Will it be an instantaneous change, of which there will no longer exist the physical realm as we currently know it to be and are experiencing as an "illusion"?

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 03:30 AM

Originally posted by Hidden_Hand

Is there any way to cancel this restriction? Because i could be just very lazy or under this kind of spell and want to know wich one it is. Does sleep paralysis have anything to do with it because i get that from time to time with or without shadow figures.

There is. Research and employ Psychic Shielding techniques. There is much information on the internet, so I need not spend the little time we have left going into that. Read many sites, and listen to your Inner Voice. Your Soul will guide you if you ask it. It speaks in the language of Feelings. When it "just feels right", usually, it is.
No, sleep paralysis is unrelated. That occurs when your brain "awakes" from the dream state before your body. Whilst going through REM deep sleep, it is natural for your body to become paralyzed during the REM cycle, so as to prevent possible injury whilst dreaming. Sometimes when you awake too quickly from a dream, your body just thinks you are still dreaming, and thus the REM paralysis continues for a while, usually until you "shake" yourself awake, often due to the difficulty to breathe.

And another question. Is it possible that our essence can be destroyed in the coming times or is that just another scare-tactic?

No. Your essence can never be destroyed. You are a unique part of the One Infinite Creator. You are an Eternal Soul, currently residing in a physical shell that you could call an "earth-suit". Your earth-suit will perish, but YOU cannot die. Nothing can destroy the Infinite Creator, and you and the Infinite Creator, are One.

. I'll read up on those techniques and listen to myself to 'know' if they work. I know how to listen to myself so it is of great help. Nice to hear that whatever happens only happens to the body. I'll be more at ease when the time comes to play the grand finale knowing i'll survive 'in essence'

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posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 05:03 AM
Hi there,

Thank you for answering my previous questions. I have some more, if that's ok?

1. How can karma be overcome, if at all? Is there an end to the karmic cycle?
2. Is time really as we perceive it, or is it another 3D illusion?
3. Are your family members born with the knowledge of what they are and where they're from? If not, and it's all taught and passed down, have you ever doubted or questioned any of it?


edit to rephrase first question, as it wasn't very clear.

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