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Love or sheets vs. NWO?

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posted on Oct, 11 2008 @ 02:42 PM
An interesting discussion, any value?
If love how?
If sheets when?

Freedomfighter 1:
These Evil Bastards have got to go!!

Freedomighter 2:
They will in time... let's learn to love who they are by sending love! Love will break any code of any negativity that we are being faced with.

Make it simple by directing soul with love.

Freedomfighter 3:
Tried that didn't work.
I can't just send love, other feelings dominate.
I don't have that much control over them... yet.

I act on my feelings by waking up sheep.
I think that when enough people find out we've been fighting fake wars, #ed over big time education, health, monetary been slaves basically NWO agenda we will win.
It probably will be a bit ugly even if we do win.
Scary, yes.
They are showing little weakness, but accelarating.
(This makes them very predictable, which "conspiracy theorists" and people in general who have known the REAL story of the global economic melt down and not the massive lies we have been told by politicians media last few weaks. My family and friends think I'm a wizard now after "calling all the "bluffs" coming from the media, for weeks now. And I'm just 1 man. NWO agenda is MUCH, MUCH easier to serve today than it was 1-2 weaks ago. As "the average Joe" can tell how obvious media>government are not behaving themselves.
Becase of the internet...
These guys will not go down without a big bang, they are strong and smart. Like rats in a corner. Hiding behind layers and layers of police, army, politicans, elites etc. WHO ARE ACTUALLY US; BUT HAVE BEEN MANIPULATED AND ARE BRAINWASHED!
Like a cardhouse, one that WE are holding up. We are the card house.
We stop playing along, refuse, card house falls down and we take back control over our power. Game over.
It's important to see all possible scenarios, so one can prepare mentally and strategically.
The worst being that not enough sheeple wake up, the effect of being on their side, rather than ours.
They achieve their goal, we all get micro chipped and slaved. Game over.
We need policemen, millitary/government officials to not follow orders, but follow their hearts.
We are fighting eachother because they are following orders.
This can only be achieved by enough people knowing it, talking about it.
That will make it easier for these guys to quit their jobs and join our side.
Now they are in the minority vs the ignorant and are embarassed/scared to go against the flow and do whats right. If 1 soldier refuses to follow an order, he risks prison, but if 50 soldiers refuse? Then the domino affect starts and a snowball starts rolling. This is happening all over the place in some small scale forms, but itl rarely comes through the media or gets covered up.
They must not show weakness, this keeps us scared. Fear is holding us down.
Our strength is that their are so many of us.
But if we are passive, neutral by not physically SHOW in some form, that we are dedicated opponents of the NWO, including our own governments... in many cases. The affect being that your "vote", that could have been used for the good side, but didn't, is of benefit for the bad guys, cause they are still in the driving seat.
Not enough people are united/organized yet to stop them.
We can verbally recruit familly friends, internet, hang up sheets on our house windows, garages, signs saying: Refuse the NWO, No to facsism and micro chipping. Film this and put on the internet, youtube making it easier to get the snowball rolling. This would have enourmous value in waking sheep, as they follow the bell. Enough sheets and signs, you get yourself a HUGE bell...
I dunno, we have to do what's right anyway.


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