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"The other left": Flip some new vs original up

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posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 03:50 PM
"Matt 24
40Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left."

^^There is a heavenly conspiracy 'against' which case? Who the hell be in the taken? Or who the hell left?

Note: Take the word "hell" literal and/or metaphoric and/or figurative, since dealing with a come apart transfigure like Jesus did up the mountain apart in the gospel.

My part take concerning the quote with questions for you extra:

Lets say your "mental individual person is an original heaven and an original earth", inside your physical body, has a turning facing/eying capibility that can face/eye through its heaven or face/eye the remote places outside it...

The question is: Would you, your individual person, keep facing/eying this everything remote outside your own heaven and own earth, even though you realize what's outside your own heaven and own earth you are only robbing along with everybody else who are outside their heavens and earths?

Also, when once the mental individual person twists for its orginal heaven and original earth facing/eying, what or who in all do you think they left behind?:

A) The one Death and Hell beating that shall be taken if any had remained.

B) Not their actual living way.

C) A false prophet that lives not that is set for daily continueing working the exited individual's former body they had as if it is living.

D) Both A and B.

E) A, B and C.

F) Other (explain).

Lastly, do you think you'd actually be in the taken or the left case?

Final note: If what we together eye/face now is new and robbed daily, then I think it's safe saying our orginals, apart from one another, was and is coming better and also was and is freshly preserved apart from any unfavored corrosive corruption, bugging, theft, or robbery.


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