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Enough Talk Time For Action - it is now

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posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 03:26 PM
Kill me if you must, may my body be buried along with any doubts regarding the corruption of this government. But it is only my flesh which dies, for the revolution forever lives on.

It is time. I have seen numerous threads, talked to numerous people and heard many agree. But now i have heard enough. A wise old man (my father) once told me the gift and curse of a mouth is that it can say whatever you want to hear. And i'm sure we are all familair with the saying "Actions speak louder then words"

Well it is time for our actions to speak.

Today i changed my w2 to having NO taxes taken out. Why? Because the taxes that i was going to pay like a "Good" american citizen were taken early with this failed "Bail-Out" plan.

Also i got payed last week. I did not pay ANY of my credit card bills, # my credit. I was not born with Credit, and when i die, my credit is gone. I care more about food, housing and things that as a human i should be entitled to simply to live. I dont care if i never drive a lexus, aslong as i have some way to get around. So guess what i spent the couple thousand i normally spend on credit card debt and putting in my IRA and paying my insurance with?

and a new .38. WHICH I GOT ILLEGALLY


Because it is time for a change. Now just because i have weapons does not mean that i am going to start blowing politicians and military personals heads off. I actually have no intent of using either of these weapons, i just got them now so i have them when they take away the 2nd ammendment to protect americans from "terror" threats or whatever BS they will be feeding us soon.

There has to be balance, even in prophecy. Even though we know there plan and what they want to do, and inevitably have been prophisized to do, freewill gives people the options of mistakes, and failure.

I am ready to do my part to balance the corruption i have seen.

I cannot blame my fellow americans and people through out the world who may look at me and people who think like me as a "conspiracy nut". Because i am.

I'm as nuts as those before me who warned of the dangers of the Banking Industry. Those before who warned of the "Secret socitiest" with "Hidden Agenda's"

And i don't think i'm wrong.


because even if i was completely wrong, its a hell of a coincedence that everything else has come to be true except that the elite have orchastrated all of this.

ATS is a place for minds to come together away from the BS and media brainwashing and ignorance. Sure we arne't perfect and i would nto consider us the "Brightest" of all americans, but we damn sure are willing to voice our opinion and die fighting for truth.

Are you all talk?

Or do you really beleive in what you say? What you post daily?

Are you doing your part by typing IN CAPS LOK BECAUSE YOUR SO ANGRY AT THE PRESIDENT

or do you feel that you are ready to take it to the streets and fight for what you really beleive is right?

I'm at my tipping point.

Brad pitt said it best in fight club "It is not until a man has lost everything taht he is capable of anything"

Everything that matters outside of these worldly items i find myself surrounded with daily is slowly going away.

The question i have for my fellow ATS members is....

Where do we start?

What is the most effective way to try and fight back against the system(non violently because everything must be done righteously, and violence to combat violence is the lesser of two evils)

I was thinking about going after credit unions, banks, maybe even starting to steal food from big businesses in order to feed some of the less fortunate to get peoples support.

I'm in Washington, if anyone has any ideas or legitametly wants to join the cause, i encourage you to post your feelings and ideas.

Impossible is only so because no1 has done it yet.

Lets make a difference and change possible.


posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 03:31 PM
I so agree!
People at one point were getting second morgages to try and keep up with their credit card debt.
The credit companies were robbing people without a gun!

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 03:42 PM
I feel your pain.Finding a way to combat the feeling of helplessness is the clincher.Now is the time to draw family and friends together.Create your own "secret society."I feel a time comming soon where we will have to move in the shadows,much like the resistance in ww ll.
In a few weeks we will all be offered an easy way out of this financial mess.We cannot accept it.It will be the total downfall of our country as we know it.

Hold your ground,help those less fortunant,and defend your right to exist!!

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 03:48 PM
reply to post by daddyroo45

I agree freind. But how bad will communication be with us lazy technology dependant americans?

Once the cell phones are done, (which they will be like FEMA took control of the ones for the people in galveston) and LAN lines are down, and Internet is gone, people won't know how to get in contact with each other.

Maybe its time to start telling people where to meet in the event taht something like that happens.

Your all welcome in my cellar. Its not very big but i have enough gas and food to last a few weeks. And i have soap, lots and lots of soap.

Now if someone can verify whether or not soap bombs will work i'll be happy to pull a Brad Pitt.

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 03:53 PM
I truly feel exactly the same, but don't have a gun (oh, do have a pellet gun, not that that would help)!

Ok, let's start something. Let's start collaborating on a new "World Vision" something to give us direction and goals.

"I see a world with citizens that no longer look at the color of ones skin or religion or region or beliefs based on the past. Instead they focus on today and the future with a common 1st goal of freeing everyone from the incentive based fulfillment of basic needs that are: FOOD, CLOTHING, SHELTER, HEALTHCARE.

These are so important we cannot survive without them yet we are required to pay for all of them meaning we are enslaved via our monetary requirement too acheive them.

This must end in order to free humanity to focus on whats really important. Ensuring equality and that no one is left behind.

This perpetuating notion that we do not have the resources to feed everyone in the world is ridiculous. Over population, yeah right. Ever flown over the US, Canada or Russia at night, these countries are empty outside of the large cities. There is enough land in Canada alone to provide everyone all 6.5+ billion of us with 1/2 acre of land each and still have half the country left over (probably more than half) never mind the rest of the worlds continents. New technologies such as GEOTHERMAL, WAVE, TIDAL, SOLAR have the current ability to free man from the bindings of OIL & GAS for ever not to mention provide everyone with completely free energy.

We must start working together at the grassroots level to create this vision get it out and start working towards it, united there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

Let's keep adding onto this.


posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 04:05 PM
100% Agree, I have already started to stock up food and other things and I have many ways to defend myself and my family! Its good when you know your not alone.

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 05:04 PM
Well I might suggest you join the Zeitgeist movement, but then you'd have to melt down that pretty barrett 50 cal so they could make a blade for a power generating windmill or something.

Seriously though, is it time? Is it time because you, like so many others, are feeling the same sense of "I know I need to do something, but the problem is so huge and so complex I don't know where to start?" Is it time because our government is so out of control and corrupt that SOMETHING needs to be done?

Is it time? Time for what?

If you believe the answer lies in Zeitgeist:Addendum, then you had better start making some friends and start barter systems with them. Know a good painter and need your house done? Then maybe you can fix his cars for a year in exchange if you're a mechanic, as an example.

If you believe in what Ron Paul says, then the only we can effect non-violent change is to run for office. Let me repeat. Run for office.

From that vantage point in the future the caring and compassionate can then write and pass legislation that takes care of people first, and profit second. I firmly believe that is the only sensible, non-violent way to effect the kind of radical changes needed to bring this country into utopia.

If you believe it's time for the Second American Revolution, then I really hate to be the bearer of bad news. You see, back in the day when knives and swords were the weapons people played and killed with, things were a lot more even- even if still they were skewed. Back then armies had more than the average person, but enough average people could still whip out their swords and hack several thousand military down, albeit with great losses. But they could get it bloody done.

Today, because of the lobster in the boiling pot incremental style of the police militarizing- and technology propelling that daily (technology that Zeitgeist proses should be instead used to take care of all humanity), just a look at your chances in a war against the weapons they have now are pretty slim. But not totally hopeless. Just look at Afghanistan. With ak's and RPG's and IED's they have managed to keep a war alive against NATO- even if does cost them the destruction of their country. If there wasn't something they really wanted, like poppy, for example, they would have just nuked the place. But instead, since there is an asset interest, (and it damn sure isn't in taking care of all the war ravaged people), they instead risk and take lives out of the World Food Line, conveniently edging closer to their goal of serious population reduction.

But I digress. Now there are neutron bombs. If you and your ten thousand men did ever manage to make some impact, you have no defense against something like that. You all die.

Your lineage handed over power long ago when you or your father or his or mine allowed the federal government to have more military wielding power than any individual state. Bad move. Constitution said military power was to be wielded by State Militia. But that lobster died too in the same NWO lobster boiling pot.

The fight is bigger than the USA. The fight is global, whether realized by the people or not. The fight is against our perpetual enslavement to debt over the fricken way society has been setup. Profit before life. Profit before necessity. Profit before love.


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