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Music News Volume 1

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posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 03:21 PM

Timbuk 3 removes shades after bleak outlook for future revealed.

Pat McDonald and Barbara Kooyman, known to the public as Timbuk 3, removed their shades today after taking another look at the future. "I don't really think we're ever going to have another hit, I would just be kidding myself at this point", said a dejected McDonald. "I thought about leaving on the shades just as a show of support for today's young musicians, but I just can't muster up the enthusiasm.", explained Kooyman. "The future sucks.", added McDonald.

Thomas Dolby founds charity for the Vision Impaired.

Thomas Dolby announced today that he is instituting a worldwide charity to help people who have been blinded by science. "I think we all see the problem that has arisen in the scientific community, thousands of people have lost their sight in various research and study endeavors. From the local science fair to university and private sector research labs, we can prevent this vision stealing scourge." Nathan Bush of Peoria Illinois will be the foundations first recipient, after losing his sight while reading Scientific American at his local Borders Bookstore. When asked what it was like to be blinded by science Bush replied, "It's poetry in motion."

Note:This post contained satire. Brought to you by the Leeds/Leith Council for the Distribution of Satire for Confused Persons.

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