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Four Lights In The Sky, Anyone See This?

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posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 10:42 PM
This is far later than I would have wanted to recount this so that people could compare this to other sightings, but the memory is still in my mind like it was yesterday.

This was six years ago and no I never contacted any professionals about whether or not this sighting was on a massive scale, I'd never heard anything so I imagine it wasn't.

I was waiting for a bus one night in Beaverton, Oregon and was looking North towards the hillside. I was always into looking at the sky and trying to spot out things that could be UFO's or anything of interest. The first thing I see are these four lights that are well above the horizon and had the same kind of glow as a street light in the distance would during the evening, for the record it was the evening that I saw this.

The light was yellowish/orange and they were all the same distance from eachother and of the same size.

I should really make out an animation of this at some point, but since I don't I'm just going to use O's.

They started like this when I first saw them and they were still:

I thought, hmm, those lights are really lined up together, I wonder what they are.

As I was still waiting for the bus I continued to watch them. After about five minutes they started to move, all at once together not breaking the distance between them.


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