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Stonehenge - Alien Proof!

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posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 10:40 AM
I'm all creeped out - just read a thread on the BBC news website
I've always believed that Stone Henge had an alien influence now this confirms it - absolute proof! They say it is at least 3000 years old - now think about it - 3000 is only 1000 more than 2000 - which is the length in miles of the Federation ship which is coming on the 14th to save us all.

Still not convinced? It goes on to say that that it places it at 3000 BC!! BC is almost exactly the same as Blossoms Goodchilds initials and if said quickly, maybe with a small potato in your mouth can almost sound the same too! Now I know you're all with me on this one now guys - creeped out I bet - but wait, there's more............ The Stonehenge Riverside Project has been responsible for major excavation within the Stonehenge world heritage site over the past five years this has to be a Stargate being excavated and the pesky government are responsible for a major cover up - NOW I'm frightened - I feel like I've unearthed a major discovery and can't wait to go to school ahermmm... I mean work and tell my pals about this.
AND WAIT - the final piece of evidence!!!! If you rearrange the letters in STONEHENGE - take away a few letters then add a few different ones .......... it spells NIBIRU!!!!!

This is it folks - tin foil hats on and get the hash cookies out to receive the love and peace of the federation!!!

The above was obviously written in jest, a gentle poke at the ATS news of late and meaning to be no other than a gentle departure from politics, credit crunch and the usual boredoms. Please feel free to continue with the thread - give us all a laugh and please choose any thread on here to poke fun at! I'm sorry if this doesn't fit in with the forum in which case it will surely be deleted!

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