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My own bigfoot video

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posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 06:02 PM
I made this BigFoot video a little while ago but thought I would post it here for you guys. It contains a few of my own theories and a lot of the standard ones. my own take on the subject now is that its a human imagination myth. It could exist or something like it but i think it comes the imagination of a primitive mind sparked by tribal stories and lore. There are many many names for bigfoot for nearly every place on earth, but they have never been truly discovered in the modern world. I dont discount that they did or do exist of course, that would just be ignorant. The search lives on!!

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 06:33 PM
sorry to post a reply without fully watching the video (sound technical difficulties at the moment). it looked well done, however!

as for bigfoot... the theory that has surfaced that seems most plausible is this: they are the descendants of the Neanderthals that managed to survive the Cro Magnon's rise as the dominant humanoid species. they retreated into the remote places of the world (deep woods, large mountain ranges), and throughout several millenium, they have evolved to a larger stature to adept to their enviornments.

just a theory, and this site is not fancy to theories without proof... so i'll leave it at that. but it does make for wonderful conjecture.

cheers... and keep up the explorations.

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 11:25 PM
very interesting video, there were some clips of video that i'd never seen before. i'd like to add to your final comment that although a high figure of sightings can be attributed to misidentification and or hoaxing, like ufology, if even one sighting turns out to be 100% real and true, that makes the subject quite real itself and will forever alter how we view the world. I especially liked that tidbit of video i believe from the history channel of the guy talking about the mountain gorilla and how it was believed to be a silly local myth for nigh on a century, untill in the early 20th century they were actually discovered.

I mainly like this bit of info because it highlights a valid point. No matter how much locals tell of their sightings and try to convince the world of the reality of what they already know to be true, we're arrogant enough(generalizing western society) to believe that if we haven't verified it, it's a stupid local myth or crazy people and it doesn't deserve investigation in a mature way. when will we learn? even today sasquatch research is still pretty much a fringe science, and doesn't get the recognition it rightly deserves(along with a lot of cryptozoological research in general really).

there are plenty of corroborating reports from highly qualified individuals(park rangers, lifelong hunters etc.) that there is something out there in the remote woodlands and forests of our nation and others that we dont fully understand. I'm hopeful the day will come when it gets more attention and there are dozens and dozens of expeditions lasting weeks at a time to try and capture more and more evidence of these creatures and others.

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 04:33 AM
I use the same argument as you OP, but from a different perspective.

I think it is far more likely that 'Bigfoot' exists BECAUSE of the fact that it has been seen / recorded by indigenous humans for generations. Mass hallucinations / wishful thinking? Don't think so.

Gigantopithicus of ancient times matches the descriptions of modern day Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yowie etc. sightings remarkably well. It was THEORIZED up until several years ago that Gigantopithicus died out around 2 million years ago. Then a 10,000 year old skeleton of one was found in China.

If a species that adept at surviving could remain undetected (even after death) for so long makes me think that there very well could be large populations of this beast living in the uncharted areas of wilderness.

In Australia, the Yowie is our hairy man specimen, and he has been reported here nearly since the day white man set foot on the continent, and for 10s of thousands of years beforehand by the Aboriginal people.

I don't think mass hallucinations would be that convincing for so long.

My 0.02c

[edit on 9-10-2008 by fooffstarr]

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 05:56 PM
Ya when i made the film i tried to come up with theories that were objective and plausible. I think there are many many 'what if' theories for the idea too. In the 2012 whitley striber book he mentions an idea of some sort of large predatory animals that some how or another live within such a frequency of being that they can actually shift the dimensions they live in. I didnt want to include this idea but i kind of like the notion that such an animals might exist.

David wilcock had mentioned that the government had created a device that mimicked the pineal gland and could manifest images of the future or past. But the closer they got to 2012 the more the images interlaced together. This idea also could be the culprit, possible those moments of time interlacing is why we see UFO's, Ghosts, and bigfoot. UFO's could be our future selves, Ghosts our past selves, and bigfoot within our past.

But then it might also be possible that we manifest our own visions and, not to mention, reality.

I know I came back at you guys with very 'out there' ideas but still, kinda fun to talk about.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 08:10 PM
Very nice video, I like it... Hey bet you didn't know that big foot is really a cousin of mine... honest he is... thats what happens when you are a hick.. hahahha.. dang honest...

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