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Obama is NOT the antichrist.

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posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 04:31 PM
No US President will ever be the antichrist. If the 3rd antichrist ever appears here they will be from somewhere foreign other than the US, largely in part, because the US, will never be able to fully stop all wars, and, our government will never be able to ever get everyone to like us. Not everyone likes Obama. So that means he isn't the anti-christ.

You know who fits the anti-christ's description perfectly? George W Bush. He is more of an anti-christ than Obama.

Puhlease, one of the better Presidential candidates we've had in years is running and you're calling him the anti-christ? That's as lame as calling Reagon the anti-christ.


Stop putting your religion on our political system.

Separation of church and state FTW.

Religion is fine, it just gets in the way of things, like having an effective leader who's smart and well-liked... it kind of makes it impossible to have a leader that's well-liked.


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