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and the winner is

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posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 10:41 AM
The next president will be the corporations just as they are now.Very few politicans pay any attention to our founding document even after swearing an oath to it.They pay little attention to the people.It makes little difference whether Obama or McCain wins.McCain supports the military industrail complex
and his change is bomb Iran.Obamas change is to cut the medical/health insurance complex in on a share of the gold mine.Do people really not see this?
Exactly how hard is it to see 70% of the people wanted an end to the war so they elected dems and we're still there?Most of the people did not want this bailout yet we got it anyway.We see all the attacks going on yet Pelosi blocks Bushs iimpeachment?They've managed to pretty much destroy the constitution.
Yet the people will vote them in again.What is it the people don't understand?
The constitution is the only thing protecting thier rights.Yet they keep electing a corporate canidate.Jefferson warned us of this but we pay no attention to what may have been the most intelligent man to ever hold the office of president.I truly hope at this point in time,after trying for so long to help people see the light,all the Obama and McCain voters get just what Jefferson said they'd get.
May thier children growup homeless in the country thier fathers shed blood to win for them.

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 02:02 PM
Its hard to read through the lines in your post as its jumbled and somewhat skittish.

Now trying to get to the meat on your opening line. I think the current economic situation has benefited us in the sense that it puts one leg of the corporate monsters in the grave. While the corporations have many legs, I think we are going to see a revolution against corporations and with time, their "over influence" in politics will end.

We as Americans have let the system fail us. Its not the actual system that let us down but instead the lack of motivation to do something on the part of the people. People bitch and moan about problems but make no initiative to fix them.

Congress' approval rating has been anywhere between 12-20% the last year. They have let us down and shown democratic and republican leadership doesn't make a difference. Instead of looking at the party we need to look at the people running for office.

We would probably be far better off if there were no such thing as parties and instead only people elected for being just that, A PERSON!

[edit on 10/8/2008 by AndrewTB]


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