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Earth´s magnetic field and Animals.

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posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 10:15 AM
Interesting link showing how many animals including turtles,cattle,bats,deer,birds,salmon and lobsters all are aware of and depend on the earth´s magnetic field for survival.

"The web was recently buzzing with the discovery that cattle (and other herd animals, such as red and roe deer) tend to situate themselves on a North-South axis, as if involuntarily directed by the earth’s magnetic field lines to the poles. It all came about when German scientists were using Google Earth to analyze herding patterns and behavior. Thousands of years of human ignorance, gone in a single Google moment."

"Baby sea turtles rely on the earth’s magnetism to make their way to and fro in the Atlantic Ocean (that’s 8,000 miles round trip). There’s a major current that spans the Atlantic that scientists have learned baby turtles can actually “read”. Their bodies tell them when they’ve strayed off course - it’s just like having an internal GPS. Even more astonishing, birds can literally see the earth’s magnetic field. Though it’s not conclusively proven, there is compelling evidence: birds’ eyes contain specialized light receptor molecules that communicate with the visual center in the brain. Just as a compass relies on a tiny magnet to “tune in” to the earth’s magnet, birds’ eyes may act as compasses as well. Bird brain, indeed"

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posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 09:08 AM

recent thread on the subject.

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 12:51 PM
Hi there,

I've been noting various bird behavior around here as well as flies. We've had sparrows for the past 6 months which I've been watching closely as they've never came around like this before. Also, a couple of weeks ago, I saw a pigeon flying after a sparrow, and also a sea gull was after a raven. The ravens started showing up around here too - such huge and beautiful birds! One was walking, rather hopping, down our street looking for food during all the peek traffic.

This morning, the seagulls and pigeons were flying together in unison as we were leaving. And when we came back a slew of seagulls began showing up flying around in circles along with a few pigeons. I read sea gulls as well as other birds are sensitive to air pressure. One weather proverb is "Sea Gull, Sea Gull, Sit on the Sand; A Sign of Rain When You're at Hand..."

The flies were acting pretty bold and wouldn't move until I'd put my finger about half an inch from them. We also had to walk over one that wouldn't budge when we came inside the house. Usually they'd fly away but this one in particular, was stuck to the porch like glue. When doing a search on them, I came across this book which has interesting information on flies and gnats as well as on other animals:
Weather Lore By Richard Inwards

I also came across this website which references the magnetic field and animal behavior prior to earthquakes, when wondering about pigeons.
Earthquake Prediction in China - Monitoring Animal Behavior

The principal focus of research work in China has been on the behavior of pigeons. Biological studies on pigeons determined that a hundred tiny units exist between the tibia and fibula on a pigeon's leg. These nerve units are connected to the nerve center, and are very sensitive to vibrations. Scientists determined that prior to an earthquake of magnitude 4.0, which occurred in the area of the study, fifty pigeons that had severed connections between the tibia, fibula, and the nerve centers, remained calm before the earthquake, while those with normal connections became startled and flew away.

Because of the success in monitoring unusual animal behavior for the prediction of certain earthquakes, the Chinese, who have pioneered this work, have looked into ways to construct instruments that would duplicate the sensory organs of animals which were able to monitor, and sense, stimuli preceding an earthquake. Researchers found it very difficult to understand the mechanism of response stimuli. Physical or chemical stimuli come out of the earth prior to an earthquake and these must be the stimuli that animals can sense. For example, dogs may be able to hear the microfacturing of rocks a few milliseconds before a quake shock reaches the surface. Electromagnetic changes in the earth prior to an earthquake may be sensed by such animals as sharks and catfish which have low or high frequency receptors and sense such changes actively or passively. Also such electromagnetic field changes could be affecting migrating birds and the navigational ability of fish.

Thank you for sharing.


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