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Tonights debate

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posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 10:30 PM
After just reading about the political disruption it has made me think about the way I am going to comment on the debate that took place tonight between Obama and McCain.

I live in the UK and stayed up to watch the debate live, so I could see the unedited version the news stations are not going to be showing over the next couple of days and I noticed a pattern in the debate, the same pattern that occured in the first between the 2 candidates.

Things were said at the beginnning of the debate by both sides and then through the use of language in the replies after were in effect washed over, and will not be reported by any of the main stream news stations.

The thing this time that caught my ear so to say was that both Obama and McCain cleverly replied that there is corruption within the governmental system and it needs to be sorted out. To me this is trying to show an open and supposedly trustworthy pair of candidates, yet I feel McCain let something slip that if anyone that really cared about the american and other global democratic systems noticed would be crying out right now for something to be done.

What McCain said was (from recall, wish I had written it down):-

I saved $93 Billion on a defence contract that was corrupt from the start, I could see the corruption at play and yet still saved the money we were spending on the new refuelling tankers"

I also noticed something like this at the start of the first debate but let it go at the time as I thought I couldn't have heard it right, but after hearing the same pattern within the way they debated things and the way they became more watered down, just as the first debate, to make you forget what was said and think about things that we are led to believe are more improtant.

The watering down of both debates were when 9/11 was mentioned, and the way the country united at the time, yet it was the opposing side that mentioned it and I could see in this debate the way it made you forget the last 5 minutes.

If anyone has a link to the full recording of the first and second debates, just watch them and see what I mean.

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