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This is the EndGame

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posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 09:13 PM
Most of us here have at least some cursory knowledge of the NAU. For those who don't, this is a basic outline.

The countries of Mexico, Unites States and Canada join in a trilateral union. It's extremely similar to the European Union model. Actually it's a copy of it. Each country keeps it's name but is subservient to a ruling cabal made up of members of the the three nations. Our respective currencies are subplanted by a single monetary unit, affectionetly known as the Amero. Most trade will be dictated by this ruling cabal.

Now, when this merger was accomplished in Europe, it tok the better part of a half century to implement. This was the testing grounds. The African Union is in place, the Asian Union is almost a reality. In fact, it exists in everything but name. It is currently named the Asia Cooperation Dialogue.

North America is the last hold out in this world wide movement, which has mostly been dictated undemocratically. When they gave Irelands population the oppurtunity to vote to become a member state of the EU, the people overwhelmingly voted NO. Lesson learned.

The people behind this movement now have North America in an excellent position to bring in this Corporate Union. The SPP meetings of the last several years have all been geared towards this goal. They have also held other meetings in Banff, Alberta dealing with this issue. Is it a coincedence that two of the last three years, the Bilderberger meetings have been held on North American soil? This is the same time frame for the start of the SPP meetings, starting in Waco in 2005. I think every good Conspiracy Theorist knows that there are no such things as coincedences.

Alright so we have established the beginnings of this secret agenda to install a NAU here. So the question is; how is this the Endgame?


At first, I thought this may have been an attemted economic coup but I was wrong. This entire house of cards that has been built up through the subprime mortage scheme and the housing bubble were designed with this goal in mind. If you think about the last big crash in the late 80's, what did it preceed?


Nafta was one of the things that came out of the crash of '87. i think history has shown that, with this agreement, the people didn't want it but the politicians and the Multi Nationals did and we ended up with it.

Coincidently( ;: ) today was the day back in '92 that NAFTA was signed into agreement here in Canada.

If they need panic, dissillusionment and fear to help move these things along, they have certainly built it. They have managed to have the entire population on edge. They went ahead and signed the bill when, as far as I can tell from all the stories I have read and polls I have seen that a majority of Americans didn't weant them to. Some just saw it as a waste of taxpayers dollars, some saw it as too little, too late; and others saw it for what it truly may have been. A power grab.

Also, remember that Obama said during the primaries that we was willing to reopen NAFTA and have a hard look at it. He then changed his thoughts in an interview with Fortune Magazine to this.

"I'm not a big believer in doing things unilaterally," Obama said. "I'm a big believer in opening up a dialogue and figuring out how we can make this work for all people."

It looks like this guy is pulling ahead in the race although tonights debate might change that.

The claim most often referenced is 2010 for the NAU to be in place. Well, there's no question that our countries are going into recession's. If it lasts, and by all indicators it will, to late '09, early 2010, selling this plan to the masses won't be diffucult if packaged right. the security measures are already in place through the Patriot Act and the Anti Terrorism Act.

(continued with sources)

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 09:32 PM
The border between Mexico and the US has been an issue for a while now. The populace keeps calling for real answers to it but yet it remains wide open. Mexico is also not exactly a democratic country so pushing through any thing like the NAU wouldn't be that hard for the Government of Mexico.

Also, there is the issue of the Trans Texas Corridor and the so called NAFTA Super Highway. Although called a conspiracy theory by many, it is real. Another piece of the puzzle as it is part of the planned infrastructure to move men and goods throughtout North America.

From where I am sitting, it looks like two moves to Checkmate

Sources for my thoughts.
Bloomberg Poll
TransTexas Corridor
African Union

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 09:37 PM
Great post Isthisthingon,

I certainly agree that the pieces are all falling into place for the implementation of the NAU. They only need to squeeze the American people a little further into economic panic and people will gladly accept "change" by supporting a Union between the nations. People don't realize that doing this will mean the certain end of any last threads of freedom and sovereignty we had left in this country. Luckily, many people are becoming aware of this plan, but not nearly enough raising hell about it in the right places.

posted on Oct, 8 2008 @ 03:21 PM
The NAU is a certainty.

Under the NWO the world will consist of 5 'powers'. Oceania is another one that is to come together. In fact, the similarity of the planned structure of these 5 sectors is frighteningly similar to that described in Orwell's 1984.

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