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The Negative Documentation And Public Dispension Of Our History Is Our Worst Enemy

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posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 06:30 AM
I dunno, here I go, you figure it out because I'm not going to try to anymore.

Yeah! I'm a nerd, anyway, moving on. I remember when I was little running through this house, life was so fresh, everything was a new experience, the world was so new to me as a child. Watching home videos and laughing in a berserk, (why not?) hysterical craze. We went on camping trips to painted places of pulchritude where our star appeared to move elliptically through the daytime sky and I lay down on the roof as a child infested with what literally could only be explained as an eternal curiosity symptom, I watched the stars and wondered from that day forward if I'd ever figure it all out. It's a scary thing to do, stops my thoughts abruptly and instills a presence of fear, authentic fear. To know that I can figure it all out scares me, would they really want it? How would they handle it? If I told them the truth, would they believe it after all the "scientific" lies? Or rather, would they still possess a crumble of desire to listen to another stupid theory or hypothesis that is incomplete and doesn't make sense, because they never understand me even when I elucidate my perfection to the Nth component, where N is being the absolute value of its plugged in variable including the idea of infinity. So how could anything ever be negative? Negative what?! There isn't negative energy because that can neither be created or destroyed and all things ARE energy so now we're stuck at eternity again, or zero. The immeasurable amount of energy also known as zero and eternity. When searching for one type of energy and not finding it, only then can an energy reading device project a value of zero, but that is still contrast against other energetic states that fill that whole area. Just because a prejudiced type of energy or energies is not picked up substantially by an energy detecting method or device in a particular 3 dimensional coordinate of space does not mean that there is no type of any other energy there at that precise location.

How do I know this isn't a scripted message being sent through space to my head in a technologically advanced mind control device, causing my brain's neurons and electrodes to change their paths in flight through my electromagnetic wires that strike white like lightning in miniature cerebral thunderstorms in chemical reactions that mimic the atmospheres of Jupiter and Venus, but if I was being mind controlled I wouldn't even know it! Think about it! If someone is indirectly controlling your mind, invisible forever so you can never see them, hear them, touch them, smell them or taste them, then you must only be dead. Only dead things can not hear, can not see, can not smell, can not touch and can not taste their reality, and this is what what we believe gives us salvation? The desire to be dead?! To experience an eternal death of bliss? The life of bliss is here and now. That's what we're saying, "I want to live just like him, I want to be dead." Great, does this mean that I have to die if I want to be like him and be associated with his religion? I have to give up my life for others ignorance's and stupidities? Well, this is the message that I receive from the Bible on at least one level and I don't want to be like that. Is that a problem? Am I a bad person now because I don't want to die and I don't want to believe in and worship death in any form? I want my entire life to be full of peace and goodness, I want to undoubtedly evict every last stale morsel of nescience, fear, depression, fanaticism, unfriendly competition, senseless religious division and oblivious to the purposelessness of its own dysfunction: anger, hate, organized religion and war that all seem to be interrelated, interdependent and intermingled.

We all feel that something big is coming, it's because we are all becoming more aware of our finite imminence, so we desperately clutch to things in an attempt to gain eternal life. This is the story of life, my fellow Humans called to be creatures through the eternal one, not called to be Christians, not called to be Muslims, not called to be Buddhists, we're simply creatures, all of this subjective conviction division and group labeling we're doing to ourselves is killing us. Just live to love life, appreciate vibrating microscopic details, run your hand over the wall as you walk bye because the texture sliding over your hand is much to attractive to feel rather than to pass up and never know. That's a love for this place. That's how I'm going to live. I want to be able to focus on what's better for the world and myself while involving myself with the major problems of the world, but not becoming the or a major problem(s) of the world: Staying at a distance while always exuding persistence.

Go back to being a little child before our minds were infiltrated with fabricated hate, racial differences, propaganda and bias! No prejudice and no prejudgment! If we weren't deceived as children we would grow into adults that trust one another. Don't deceive anyone, especially not the children. Through doing this you fix not only the planet but yourself as well, you regain your child like innocence and trust before it was ruined by giving it to others that deceived you. If we all give our 100% honesty to each other and hide nothing from one another, not even personal issues, then all of our problems will go away, all of our problems stem from the attempt to ever hide from ourselves.

To hide from where we really are, from what we really are, from who we really are and from why we really are. Why do we do this?

[edit on 7-10-2008 by LastOutfiniteVoiceEternal]

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