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Economic Crisis or Gift??

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posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 02:18 AM
Every major event has a meaning. The so-called economic “crisis”
is no exception. It is amazing to see what happens when the curtain is lifted and the truth is revealed. This is something that absolutely will have nothing but positive effects. What can be learned?

For those who are responsible, or “behind” the issue will learn nothing. They are spineless, have no honor and never will. They live for the illusion. I am talking about real people.

In this time of great change, one of the most necessary things that need to be is the lifting of the veil. That which is not real will need to be shown as the illusion that it is so that things can be seen in their true light. This economic system is one that has been relied upon and accepted as real for long enough. It has served the purpose of giving people something to do, with the promise of reward for being responsible. Now a spotlight is shining on those who are the illusionists and we can see them for the lie that they are.

What is the message? The message is that seeing things through the lens of money and material objects is not the true way in which things are to be measured. What someone is “worth” cannot be measured in numbers on a paper with a dollar sign in front of them. In truth, these numbers mean nothing as they are easily manipulated. The message is that what is of real value will remain after that which is an illusion is gone. Who you are, how you treat people, how you look at the life around you and what you live by is truly what defines you. Who we love and who loves us, the bonds that we have that are not related to stock, but the bonds with others, our personal goals to improve ourselves and help others do the same is of limitless value. This is the message. The message is that it is time for people to see that there is a world that has been ignored by most, but is the most important world of all. It is a world where the birds sing, the wind blows and the rain falls, a world where flowers bloom and animals run around and have babies. It is a world where things are real!

Another thing that needs to be understood, is that those who have been I power and run these markets are the most incompetent, careless and useless people in the world. They are only old children without any understanding of honor or honesty. By seeing this, we see that they have no ability to do anything good for anyone except show us what it is to live in a world that is hollow and meaningless.

With these events of “bail-outs” and economical “restructuring” (which is just a political term for covering for incompetence), we see the time to take back responsibility from the empty suits and do it the way it needs to be done. We see Senators and Congress on television bungling their speech as they try to make the most foolish attempt to convince us that they had no idea what was going on, Bush being one of the biggest idiots of all. In short, we see them try to lie their way through the obvious all over again, even as the light is shining right in their face. They still try to convince us that they know what they are doing and have only our interests in mind. Bush actually said that this is the reason that people wanted him in the Whitehouse! As if he just got there and is going to clean house! They are so pathetic that you have to laugh at how obvious they are. They are like children that cover their eyes and think that no one can see them!

In short, this is an event that is a great wake up call to the truth of how things have been the whole time. Now that it is known just how illusory it is, we can take the next step to replace it with what is real.

The system of deception is falling away and a new dawn is approaching. It is a blessing, not a curse. Sure it is hurting a lot of people and for many it is painful, but the changes that will come because of this will erase the pain. It is the kind of pain that is caused by re-birth, not death.

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 02:47 AM
i don't really take it as being a bad thing either.

people are too caught up in who said this or that and all the drama and material things and the world could really use their conscious minds alert and focused on something far more productive but i do think a lot of bad would happen before the good

i feel pretty crummy about all this that's going on because of how it's affecting my parents. i'm not quite 30 so i still have an opportunity to bounce back and adapt but they are getting a little beyond that. my dads retirement savings took a nasty hit the other day. the company he worked for basically put all the money coming out for their retirement and invested it in stock and he was planning to take it out next year but now it's not really looking like all those years of hard work and effort amounted to anything.

we've all taken a beating over this and there's possibly more to come but we are resilient and can roll with those punches. i just hope that i'll be in a position to help my parents and others like them at some point in the future if necessary to help them get through all this.

i do understand what you are saying though and i agree. it's time as a people and as a planet we learn a better way than through systems and rules that lead to greed, corruption and evil.

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 02:59 AM
reply to post by ForceMaster

Your post really speaks to me. It speaks so clearly to me that it is almost eerie...but I like it!

Today, big black headlines on the Metro free newspaper about the major collapse. I smiled. Top story on the morning news, the first thing I watched when I woke up- same thing- I enjoyed myself.

I know this is the global awakening that we have all been waiting for. I will not shed one single tear for this dying illusion because I despied it all this time. I just want it to crash and burn and perish for all eternity.
This system showed no respect and it deserves no respect.

All predictions are correct. Time for the ultimate liberation. Illusion shattered, and out from the ashes, a new empire is rising...

I hail you Force Master, I will add you to my "friends list".
Btw, I like your avatar. If you would like to- U2U me so that we may introduce us to one another.

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 03:09 AM
reply to post by ForceMaster

Wow... eloquently said, and so true. This is how I feel about it but never quite verbalized it that way.
Starred and friended, way to be

posted on Oct, 7 2008 @ 03:30 AM
So glad there are others out there who feel this way too! Eloquently put Forcemaster but with that being said my heart goes out to all who will face hardships in the coming weeks, months, and years. This is a crucial time in our history and evolution and I am glad to be here and conscious during it. We need this change bad...

"Some say the end is near.
Some say we'll see armageddon soon.
I certainly hope we will cuz
I sure could use a vacation from this
three ring side show...

One great big festering neon distraction,
I've a suggestion to keep you all occupied.

Learn to swim.

Mom's gonna fix it all soon.
Mom's comin' round to put it back the way it ought to be.

Learn to swim.

Cuz I'm praying for rain
And I'm praying for tidal waves
I wanna see the ground give way.
I wanna watch it all go down.
Mom please flush it all away.
I wanna watch it go right in and down.
I wanna watch it go right in.
Watch you flush it all away.

Time to bring it down again.
Don't just call me pessimist.
Try and read between the lines.

I can't imagine why you wouldn't
Welcome any change, my friend.

I wanna see it all come down.
suck it down.
flush it down."

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 01:24 AM
WOW, I am very thankful to all of you for your compliments. I too am very upset about those who have worked so hard for so long, did the right thing by saving and investing, only to see those behind this rewarded millions of dollars for a "golden parachute" when they should all be beaten and jailed!

Barathrum, your family deserves better and I hope that they can get through this. Hard-working people being punished for being hard-working people, makes me want 5 minutes with all those behind this.

To me, on a spiritual level, it is a wake up call to raise our minds and thoughts to what is eternal and why we are really here. Now humanity is seeing that the rat race can only be won by the rats.

As for their reason, I am convinced that it has been planned for decades as being a way to force people into a global order. As we see, the billions have done nothing as the markets of the world crumble as fear is the god of the day. One thing about this "plan" though is that those who thought it was just a theory by a bunch of paranoid freaks are realizing that it is in fact real and it comes with a cost to them. Now the human race is seeing the illusion fall and the truth come out. A sad attempt to prevent an awakening they cannot stop, but by their acts are freeing people from the illusion that they too may enter the new Golden Age. This is why they cannot win. People are walking away from the things that they were taught were good to do, and to some, it consumed them, keeping them from family, friends and seeing the truly valuable things in life like all life everywhere, including themselves being more than a worker but a spiritual being with massive potential that has been kept from them under the guise of religion.

I know that removing the chains hurts, but what that freedom brings is far more than what is lost. We lose money ad possessions, but we gain back our true nature and our unity to the Great Creator and Creation, and that is something that is far above anything that can be measured.

[edit on 02/13/2007 by ForceMaster]

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