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Conspiracy for error

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posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 03:32 PM
I will raise questions you should ask yourself...

The only error that hasnt happened yet to a nation anywhere, is?

First know, there were electrical errors and computer errors. Those errors seem to skip and dance around what? The entire phone networking system. How immuned is the entire phone networking system since we all know they connect WHOLE globally? Think about it... How come not a single virus effected the phone networking system ever since the networking been around before the internet? And how come the phone networking system can allow the passing of viruses to your on-line computer, but yet and still, the viruses dont effect the very network through which they can only come?

Do you think there is a conspiracy just waiting to happen with the phone networking system, since afterall, they are connected to work with every long distance and local phone company system? And if the phone networking system did get an error it would stop the entire world's affairs, wouldn't it? There is no phone networking outside the system, is it? And you know the news media relies on the phone networking so they can get the scoops they get and know where to be. Just think... a nuke war doesnt even have to be what destroys the world, but an error in the phone networking can. The error can be a result of anyone from anywhere on purpose or by accident since it all connects and can spread global.

Plus think... If there computers systems got a stay out of virus free card, how come our computers dont also have a stay out of virus free card?

Did the government give phone companies some kind of top secret anti-virus software that they dont want to share with us average computer users who go on-line?

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 04:03 PM
Let me add...

"Telecommunication over a telephone line is called point-to-point communication because it is between one transmitter and one receiver."

^^The medium in between is the networking system(s). Anyhow...

Long time ago I went to a university for Telecommunication since I couldnt get into a school for in broadcasting radio wise. I was in one of my primes back then, so you know things during your prime are pointers if you follow unfolding mysteries.

So if and when an error happens (on purpose or accidently) with the globe's phone networking system of systems, since all systems connect global, dont say some one under a screen name, ironically read like caller ID, didnt warn about it beforehand. Think of the world without the phone invention evolved... Think of all the things and daily operations relieing on the phone companies networking... The government shouldnt invest in homeland security, they should invest in phone networking security because the crack in the world's affairs is open for error. Unless the government did give some anti-virus software to phone companies. But I'd think not since viruses arent stopped through the networking before reaching our computers. And we all know if the on ground phone networking connects to the mobile, then so would the mobile phone networking be affected liekwise, if not just by a then overload of all ppl cuttering the mobile phone system.

Sure you can deal with television broadcast stopping, but no one can stand for long without the phone networking type broadcast.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 04:09 PM
Yea, I think that would like trying to give a virus to a radio signal, kind of. Similar ideas.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 04:38 PM
If the entire phone networking froze up, then everybody is hit equal to if it were a nuclear war stopping daily affairs.

I'm the man who called the globe's bluff that all could avert all erroneous things that can screw and stop this whole world. The phone networking system can be recalled like a defective or harmful product even if the governments just realize the globe's hit problem. Then they'll think they were hit up on their pager which works to tell these problematic and troubling insights.

More questions for your minds:

Is there a government so powerful that it could stop modern day phone networking from working any across the global or anywhere it chooses?

Who would you first get in contact with if the phone networking systems all went heywire and stopped working? And how would you do it?

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posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 05:46 PM
The whole phone networking systems mediums are computers that do the whole behind the scenes tasks so that the call is clear and goes through and goes to the correct number...and so the phone numbers dont just switch or bill ppl like it aint hung up...and so the phone medium networking keeps on networking for everyone and doesnt just go up and frozen on ppl to leave a no dial tone going through or leave no sound of ready or etc. Etc. for the ensuring of the correct recieving being error free.

What makes those phone related computer systems untouchable by a virus? Maybe it has to be a different kind of virus made specifically for going against them instead of against average joe computers that are connected on-line. The makers of viruses usually make them for PCs. But if a single virus maker thinks outside the box, to go against the bigger fish (the phone networking systems which are connecting the globe), then maybe, just maybe, the day of the global phone networking system error can come and leave the globe HIT.

And if their phone related computers are so perfect and wont even allow a virus to be created on them, then how come our computers arent made so that a virus cant even be created on them from the get go? Then, we'd all have no worry about viruses if no one can use any computer to create them before dispensing. But there is something fishy in all this.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 06:16 PM
There is nothing magical about a computer "virus". They are called "viruses" because, once they are run on the "host" computer, they will replicate and send out copies of themselves.

I can COPY viruses all day long. Thousands and Thousands, and the PC will not be infected. I can transmit those viruses via regular dial-up modem, or cable modem, or DSL, and the receiving computers will not be affected. In order for a computer to become "infected", someone (or some software) must "run" the program.

(The following explanation isn't really correct, more of an analogy, but I didn't feel like writing a dissertation tonight, and besides, I could see your eyes starting to glaze over from here!

Whenever one computer talks to another computer, it goes through a 7 stage process twice, with one being in reverse. That 7 layer process is often called by computer geeks the "7 layers of the OSI model". The bottom two are Data-link and physical. Almost all (land line) phone circuits operate at the physical level, with a smattering of data-link level.

With that having been said, phone lines WERE "hacked" years ago. It was called "phone phreaking". Remember the movie "War Games", where Matthew Broadrick used a pull-tab to short a payphone to trick it into thinking he had deposited money? That was REAL back in the day. There were other things you could do. In the Anarchist's Cookbook, it tells a way to take out an entire area's phone system.

Besides, the phone network has been around over 100 years. The "Internet" as it is today less than 15. (Yes, the true "internet" has been around since the mid 60s, but let's not get Darpa in the mix.

We are in "computers and networking" where telephones were in, let's say, 1910. Do you think phones in 1910 were as reliable as they are now?

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 07:33 PM
reply to post by sir_chancealot

You completely miss one big thing...

You are confusing the phone networking medium computers with how PCs you say operate.

How could you make that huge leap?

And I wasnt talking about phone line hacking. I'm talking about the entire phone networking coming into an error on accident or on purpose. Major difference. The error has not happened yet.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 07:49 PM
If and when the phone networking stops there wont be any working phone line or rather wont be a phone line at all. Dont confuse the wire outside with a "phone line". But do know that of course if the wire bring you a phone line is down, then so is the phone line, though the two are not the same.

So think the question thuroughly. No phone networking means daily world affairs stop. Not a phone line mix up, but a failed phone mediums networking systems.

When you realize what I said give this thread a call, and leave a message since this is a message board.
Yeah, when you type on a computer for placing what you say on the internet it is the same as reaching out and touching someone the same how making a phone call goes.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 08:06 PM
If a group of 'MODERN terrorists to be' obtain a phone company, and alters the phone network computer systems in what they can do or how they work, knowing how they connect to work with all other networks, then I think it's safe to say that's a way to hit up the globe so that all the phone networking systems go into "the" error.

It could be by software or hardware changes or rearranges or additions to the affect the phone networking systems telecommunications mediums.

The equipment or software for bringing error may not be screened out when allowed in the back door when 'modern terrorist to be' obatain a whole phone networking company. And how can the government trace the source when all phone networking is not working? Did any of you ever think of that?

I'm just keeping you on your toes.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 10:40 PM
You know, the ppl that work at the phone companies, if they wanted to they could see all numbers you called or all numbers that called you, without the government behind it, and can know the addresses to those numbers.

With that information they can set you up and assassinate you outside your home address. Think of all the politian leaders that arent working in the White House that happen to all have, say, AT&T or etc... You make a long distant call, and it is listened in on because they know who you are, and you go out of town... They kill you out of town as a reach you to a destination, and kill you clean and smoothly. I mean, they can lie in wait for the right moment since everybody knows you call long distant before coming to, say, a meeting (business, family, etc.) that is out of town/state.

All the long distant compnay has to do is make a special deal for politians to use them just so they can have em all at their disposal to take out. If anything, ppl would think there is an assassin group doing it or even the government when actually it's some new terrorist group that work at a long distance phone campany.

^^The terrorist group that pulls this off will do more of an impact than the thought Bin Laden, because they can continue without a problem. And who knows, maybe not having leaders is a good thing for certain.

Word of the wise is, if you are a leader of some kind to a big company or city/state, dont use your home phone or mobile phone to talk about going out of town. You never know who is waiting on the other end for when and where to get you.
What you dont know can hurt you.

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