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Synchronicity: October 7th-21st

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posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 01:39 AM

Synchronicity: October 7th-21st

"[OK - found a quick summary here of what Cliff had to say on the Jeff Rense show. This came from a 'prophecy' forum.

Re: The Web Bots
Reply #157 - Today at 11:08:32
Fellow Texan George Ure's buddy Cliff whom heads up the Web Bot Project was on the Jeff Rense Radio Show on September 2. Here are a few important topics Cliff spoke about that the Web Bots have uncovered:

The Web Bots see September 22-27, 2008 as precursor dates to the main turning point date of October 7, 2008. Closely watch events during September 22-27, 2008 for hints as to what to expect on October 7, 2008.

Cliff said whenever "it" happens, and whatever "it" turns out to be, "it" will be a date in history you remember like 9/11, we will remember 10/7.

The Web Bots foresee that October 7, 2008 to February 19, 2009 will be filled with emotional intensity, and the length of the release period will be extraordinary. The Web Bots have never picked up any event lasting this long. In comparison, 9/11 length lasted about 10 days. This event will be four months of high emotion.

The Web Bots foresee consumer society collapsing by mid November 2008.

The Web Bots foresee a West Coast/Vancouver area large scale earthquake around December 12, 2008.

The Web Bots foresee that the Winter in the Northeast will be very cold this Winter, causing some schools to close, and then later to reopen as shelters for people who can't heat their homes. Language suggests that the shortage will either be caused by supply, cost of fuel, or both.]"
(visit the link for the full news article)

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posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 01:39 AM
As the dates add up, and the days go by, I can't help but think there is something too it all.
If you notice that on Tuesday Oct. 7th, the moon is at first quarter, on the 14th it is full, and on the 21st it is on the last quarter.

October 7th-March 2009 The Web Bots foresee consumer society collapsing by mid November 2008. The Web Bots foresee a West Coast/Vancouver area large scale earthquake around December 12, 2008.

October 14th Channeler Blossom Goodchild has recently channeled from a source called The Federation of Light (possibly also called Galactic Federation by others) that a UFO craft of great size will be visible in our skies on 14th October 2008

October 15th-20th Vigilant Shield 2008 happened the year previous, in 2007, possibly laying the ground work for an event that would need such an infrastructure to control the population.

Reinhardt Predicts WWIII, No specific date given, time line seems to follow nicely.

I know this seems to be the theme of a lot of the Threads right now, but the thing that seems to be missing is skepticism, by both parties, believers and non.
I believe that something major is about to happen, I think a lot of us think, believe, feel this.
But, We can't just believe.
We need to know.

Why can't we all agree, that just like most things we discuss, there is more too it than we may ever know.

But, like ATS said "It's all a lie, that is the truth."

Never the less, the two weeks of October 7th-21st may prove to be more than just the norm.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 05:18 AM
Hey, I thought I would add some other insights into this discussion. Not many people know who Aaron Donahue is, but IMO he is one of the most credible "psychics". He really uses remote viewing, he was originally taught by Ed Dames, but quickly surpassed him in skill and accuracy, and is thought by some to be the best remote viewer. He has made quite a few predictions which appear to have come true. Here are some of his insights into the future:

1. China following the August successful games will begin to fail one third of its industry.

2. A flood from a returning storm in the United States.

3. Three will strike the many with fear.

4. Murder, broken glass, heat rippling up from asphalt, rushing waters, news of an earth quake, one man in a 42nd floor window, twin clear faces, and a crushed rose.

5. A viral mutation between swine, bird, and man after the games.

6. A troubled banking system in the west and world continues to influence others negatively. Inflation now grows.

7. Israel, Lebanon, Syria?, and Iran.

8. President McCain orders [X] and there is failure of [V].

9. Winter (2008) heating oil and natural gas costs frustrate the many.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 05:18 AM
1. Chinese relations with the west will suffer twin faltering economies.

2. A world war nears as Russia prepares its nuclear and other high-end technologies as per an immediate stand-off with the west.

3. During and after the wars, many of the industrialized areas of the west will be uninhabitable due to chemical pollution from unprotected facilities damaged by missiles.

4. A certain number of nuclear power plants disperse radioactive debris secondary to direct and indirect missile strikes during the wars.

5. China in the end will win a war with the west but there will be an unforeseen outcome.

6. Russia will assist within a newly formed world socialist (spiritual) government that will oversee western governance following China's victory (and failures…).

7. The west that remains following the wars will be disarmed and humiliated as was Japan following WWII. It shall be unjustly consumed from all sides and many of its peoples will die from starvation, war-related illnesses (see today's biological and chemical weapons potential and inevitable use), and disease.

8. What remains of some western industrialized mega-prison complexes* will be used after the wars as deprogramming centers in which re-socialization will then be deemed possible for a limited number of model "citizens".

Many of the former prisoners will be released secondary to severe financial conditions prior to and during the wars. War-front replacement of soldiers will also play a role in the release of prisoners, etc.

*Today's western industrial prison complex is one of the largest in the world and is by far the most expensive to operate. Much social discord will occur following an early release of the imprisoned youth secondary to widespread economic decline, humiliation, personal misfortune, and racism.

Essentially, the majority of those today over the age of 50 in the west did not build libraries nor schools for its youth as much as they have tolerated the construction of many highly sophisticated prison complexes. To aid in this fear based travesty, these complexes must be fed western youth via a massive and highly paranoid police force of unprecedented power and authority over its citizens.

Who today in any government questions this obvious assault upon western youth? Who has the wisdom to realize its social cost?

Obviously, there is but little evidence to suggest a relationship between the breaking of any law in the west and punishment. Philosophically, to imprison one for the sake of another imprisons us all.

9. Human extinction nears following severe environmental and biological destruction as per the war years.

10. A world government panel of scientists reveal the transfer of human consciousness as possible within an artificial neuro-network coupled with modified living tissue. This appears in part the result of advances within the field of nano-technology.

11. A new form of "beyond life" communications technology is discovered replacing some presently known forms. Although impractical, "speaking with the dead" becomes a world-wide trend with youth until its absolute truth and purpose is known…

More level 3 and 5 sources of information will follow.


posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 05:26 AM
Also, here is a prediction he made in 2006 which appears to correlate to the financial crisis. Also, let me say that I do not take these insights as fact, nor am I interested in debating his credibility. If you want to look at his credibility, do some of your own research. He's located quite a few missing persons, predicted lottery numbers 6 times in a row, and has had other predictions which I feel have been accurate. So, take a look at his material.. here is his information on the financial stuff:

Monday, September 29, 2008

Dow plummets 777 points.


The exact quote follows with two line misprints as per "the" for "a", etc.

" This shall be known by a filling of light and the success of thy curse."

-A.C.H., from December 10, 2006

"There shall be a number given unto the [X] of blood and its light shall be understood as salvation by the chosen few. "

"He is the shadow of the one emerging and his sign shall be as a light in the uncertain times of ruin, world despair, and wars. "

-A.C.H., from January 8, 2007

Perhaps the most astounding aspect of the first prophetic line concerns the onset of a Jewish holiday following a 777 point change (DJIA) of which clearly refers to the Hebrew and the Mystical Cabbala.

A filling of light is loosely translated in terms of the Hebrew and corresponding numbers as seven hundred and seventy seven exactly.

The curse refers to a down-fall of the West as per a collective hatred for Iran, its approaching Caliphate, and the apostasy of [X]. This effectively marks in time an absolute end of Christianity on a global scale and the beginning of a youth world spiritual movement toward unity with respect to the brotherhood of man.

A single world banking system and socialist government approaches as a future born of necessity.

Socialism as per the required paradigm is today being properly defined within the hearts of millions of progressive and deeply concerned youth throughout the world including the United States. There is great hope in this movement that has already begun and is largely impossible to thwart.

Chaos is our future and its child is a New Order for which we must collectively accept or face early human extinction.

Again, acceptance is the key.


- (I was a little scared about the way he puts this. A lot of the things he says is to accept a socialist new government and he certainly supports a one world government, but he definitely does not like TPTB. So, I value the information he puts forth, but I don't necessarily align with all of his points of view!!)

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 05:28 AM
Also, it appears his site has been down for some time. He updates a myspace page with Blogs and I think he still has a livejournal or some other blog out there, if you dig you will find it. But I'm pulling this information from his Myspace which has further clarification for his predictions, so before people start trying to discredit his prediction line by line, read his rationale and explanations for them first. Thanks!

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 06:16 AM
I've been watching this date for a while after hearing Cliff and George on Coast to Coast. Also, there is indication of an earthquake potential today/tomorrow in SF and possibly LA (also). I get that from the forum on Jim Berkland's site. Anyway - world markets are being crushed this morning and the US market should dive today (5-8%).

Imagine an EQ in SF - the highest "inflated" housing market. If there was a lot of damage across the region, it could spell high pressure on the insurance industry and also more trouble for banking - feeding the crisis further.

After watching Zeitgeist Addendum last night, it sounds like in order for things to progress for humanity, the economy actually has to collapse.

posted on Oct, 6 2008 @ 08:43 AM
Im just thinking the web bots are brand new to planet earth
and dont know what to expect.

Everyones expecting something we all do when we get older.
What could possibly go wrong? jk

Something always goes wrong, we just dont ever know when.
People are so quick to jump up and claim a date in hopes of being right.

Ill pick Dec 2-6. There I staked my claim =P

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