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So they pulled the rug from under us regarding our financial system did they?

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 07:56 PM
It seems these days that the government has gotten so big and its powers so vast it would be foolish for anyone to oppose the monstrosity. In a physical showdown by those of us among the populace and this machine, we'd have to contend with the judicial system, all branches of the Military, their weapons, and private security forces to install the change necessary to turn America around................ or would we?

Always remember, in a fight (no matter what kind), your adversary has a body. Even with a group there tends to be a connected body that dictates how the next move goes for the pack. Who is the leader? Who is the muscle? Limbs.. body parts. Never forget that the body can't perform without the brain, never forget it.

It were these lines in a film I once saw as a kid that made me catalog the above. Have any of you ever seen the old Eddie Murphy film Harlem Nights? It's a film with mostly black actors and maybe a bit offensive racially, but it didn't keep from watching it even though I'm white. After it was over I think the purpose of me seeing the film was just for this bit. The dialogue below was between Murphy's (a young, bold and brave character) and Richard Pryor's character if I remember right.

Leaving New York
is the last thing we should do.

I ain't afraid of Smalls or Calhoune.

That's because you're young and full
of vigour and life...and a little ignorant.

Calhoune can kill you
by snapping his #ing fingers.

Oh, man, # Calhoune.

You know, you have to slow down.

We're in the very small leagues here.
Very small.

It's a big world outside Sugar Hill.
You know nothing about it.

I do know this, when the majors want
to play where you're playing, you move.

That's bull#. Why should we build
the market up for somebody else?

It's all illegal anyway. l'm not afraid
of Calhoune. I have a gun, too.

You got a gun, he's got one.
His boys and his cops got guns.

He has judges on his payroll.
Don't you feel a little uncomfortable?

You are a bad mother#er. But that's
a hundred guns against your gun.

That's got to change something
in your mind.

It's not how many people you shoot,

it's who you shoot.


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