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Can predictions finally be put in the "predictions" forum?

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 03:21 PM
I guess it was all the nonsense about Blossom Sunflower or whomever and her prediction of alien invasion on October 14th, followed by another, hoax thread on her suicide if this prediction doesn't come to pass, but frankly I've had it with all these tiresome prediction threads on ATS, which tell us the world will end in two weeks, reptilians will crawl out of the earth's hollow core at Antarctica on such a date, or that Federation of Blight starships will rescue us from the bank bailout on the 14th October.

Enough already.

I notice there is a little-used forum on ATS called "predictions."

How about if all and sundry of these predictions threads were actually grouped together on the predictions board?

Can't the mods be directed to clean up this circus?

Sorry for the rant, but enough is enough. I've just had my fill of these tiresome predictions today. Time to corral them, IMO.

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