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Ways we can all help to weaken the corrupt system

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 01:48 PM
I watched the Zetgeist Addendum video today. I already thought I realized quite alot, but the video crystallized things for me while getting me thinking about things I hadn't considered before.

Whatever we want to call "it", or "them" when referring to what ultimately controls the current world system, and therfore our lives on planet Earth, MONEY is basically what makes the world go around in the current system. The central banks ultimately pull all the strings and the NWO agenda itself is driven and powered by these puppetmaster corporations. As is now clear - at least to me - we live in a corporatocracy , this world is governed by MONEY. One of the things we can ALL do is consider ways we can WEAKEN the system at the core of this corrupted world and avoid, where possible EMPOWERING IT FURTHER.

1. When you apply for a mortgage or take out some other loan, or use a credit card,you are empowering the corrupt monetary system. You directly help to perpetuate the problems where inflation rates, interest rates and so on are concerned. If you rent privately instead or get yourself in a position to buy something outright , you give alot less power away.
You can't take a house with you when you die anyway. Houses are always available to rent , so you can always have a roof over your head, you just might have to move around a bit more instead of living in one place for 40 years.
When you use a credit card, again you empower the corrupt system. Get rid of them. Pay cash wherever possible and buy only what you NEED and can AFFORD. Quit being greedy. Happiness isn't in a pair of £100 trainers or a 50 inch plasma TV.

2. Do you work in a crappy , mindless job where you are a disposable commodity ? Are you just a wage slave to some corporation that is a profit driven money wh %&* ore ? Could you quit your job and re-train with a view to working for yourself in a line of work that could actually benefit your fellow man in some meanignful way ? If you work for yourself, and do so without being driven for profit, profit, profit and instead use integrity and be content with earning just what you need to cover basics, you would cease to empower the corrupt system so much. By working for yourself, yes you are unlikely to avoid paying taxes, but you can dodge giving the tax kitty SO much money as you would end up doing in a "normal" job as a wage slave as one can always find ways to decrease their tax bill AND you can work cash in hand wherever possible.

3. Conversely, how much do you earn in your slave-job and how does this compare to what you would get if you quit and signed on the dole for a bit ? USE the corrupt system in a way that could eventually work for the greater good by taking advantage of the FREE courses they fund for you to re-train in a line of work that could lead you to working for yourself eventually, in a better career that has more meaning. As time goes by, more and more jobs will be taken over by automatons anyway, so you are better off carving out your own path.

4. Conversely (and controversially ) signing on the dole on a more permanent basis may well empower the corrupt system LESS than if you work and pay taxes and national insurance. You would also get your RENT paid FREE so would not have to worry about finding money to meet mortgage payments, remember that getting a mortage EMPOWERS the corrupt system. Also, by not being enslaved through working for corporations that help contribute to the corruption in society through their greed for profit and market domination, your time is then FREE to be used more contructively. think how much time you would have to tHINK, LEARN, STUDY AND SPREAD THE WORD TO AWAKEN PEOPLE. Instead of stacking supermarket shelves or helping Tesco take over the world or helping to sell cars that rape the environment you could be building websites to awaken people, growing your own fruit and vege so halving your shopping bill and giving less money to the supermarkets who are money driven.
My thinking on this option is perhaps not entirely well reasoned, because of course people on the dole are essentially empowering the system too BUT I think less so than people who are wage slaves. Also, BEING EMPLOYED is something we have been conditioned to believing as being necessary. At the end of the day, we exchange our free time for a form of slavery which sees many people working for the very systems/corporations and businesses that help perpetuate the corrupt system through their competetive market domination goals and desire for maximum profits at the expense of principles and integrity. Lives are so eaten up by WORK there is little time left over for the average person to think, create or just enjoy life.

4. Few of us can afford to get entirely off the grid, generate our own power and live a totally self-sustaining existence. But we CAN switch energy suppliers and "go green" and we CAN swap our gas run cars for diesel engines which can run on VEGETABLE OIL easily enough.( a hard one for me as my pretty toyota celica is gas run . sob sob)This way we do not fund environmentally-unfriendly corporations who rape the planet to fund their goals for market domination ,£50,000 cars and £100,000,000 houses

5. have NOTHING to do with the military - do not join the army, the air force, the navy etc to end up fighting in wars driven by greed and power which have nothing to do with achiveing freedom for people but everything to do with control, fear mongering , deception and suffering.

These are just a few examples/ideas of small ways each person can help to weaken the system. It is not going to weaken if no action is taken and it is never going to collapse if all people do is think about the painful truths of the system, the NWO agenda , the banks running the show and so on and "DO" very little. No single voice in the crowd is going to bring things down , just talking to people is not enough, ACTIONS have to be taken and it all starts with the individual.

We have to take a long hard look at our attitude to money and commodities. You can't take anything material with you when you leave this world so why are we empowering this money system, this corporatocracy we live in which is CORRUPT and what can YOU do to disempower it that little tiny bit.......? Most of the power the system has is power the people give it. We have to take back our power.

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 01:58 PM
Obviously these are just a few ideas and they are not going to be feasible for everyone, so please add your own ideas to this thread so we can brainstorm some ideas about little things we can all do to help weaken the system and stop handing over so much power to it.

One more idea, if you are one of the filthy rich why not do something really useful with some of that money and support some sort of cause the is trying to awaken the sheeple ? Fund some talented documentary maker, support websites like ATS, get new sites like ATS funded, help people publish informative material. the list is endless. How many millions do you really NEED ? If you are awake to the truth then support that truth in anyway you can with your chequebook and you will funding one of the most important missions facing man - awakening the blind and sleepy to reality. Your money is USELESS when you are gone from this world so do something USEFUL with it HERE.

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie

You have some good ideas here however they will weaken things very little.
In order to weaken things you'll need a majority which you will never get.We
could weaken things by electing a third party canidate but that will never happen either.
70%of the people wanted the war to end.They elected democrats to end it.
A majority of people did not want the bailout it passed anyway.
A lot of people wanted Bush impeached Pelosi blocked it.This says neither the president nor congress cares what the people want.In fact it's rather obvious is it not?Yet the people will still vote for Obama or McCain as if they were the only two running.While they are voting they will for the most part vote party line.The people have about a thirty minute attention span so they'll be mad about that length of time also,then they'll tune in the main stream media and go back to I'm voting for Obama cause he'll bring change or I'm voting for McCain cause(insert whatever here).
Without a majority you can not change things enough to make a difference.

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 02:38 PM
yes, I agree. I am actually inclined to believe the success of the NWO agenda to be an inevitability as we are fast running out of time and still the masses are asleep or indifferent, and as you point out, often what the masses DO want and vocalize wanting just gets ignored anyway...but it would be interesting to rally more people to "try" and take more actions and see what this effects...I mean we have to at least try and do "something" even though the odds are stacked against us.

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 03:05 PM

Originally posted by cosmicpixie
You can't take a house with you when you die anyway.

True, but you can leave them to your heirs so they do not have to buy one. Plus, I like my house, you know why? It is mine.

Houses are always available to rent , so you can always have a roof over your head, you just might have to move around a bit more instead of living in one place for 40 years.

I would hazard to say that the majority of landlords are utilizing their renters monthly payments to pay their own debts which may likely include the mortgage on the residence being rented. You are therefore not really weakening the system but instead making your landlord more independently wealthy.

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 03:12 PM
reply to post by cosmicpixie
a flag for cosmicpixie.
We have done everything we can to go to a cash basis. I owe a little on a credit card, because of an emergency. But we are setting up an emergency fund that will give us cushion in future. We try to grow our own food, or buy from local growers, even when they charge a little more than Wally World!

We try to make do with what we have, and not to use more than we need.

Using bio-diseal is a good idea. In fact, I saw a plan for settig up a home plant for converting used cooking oil to automobile fuel. It was on a Britsh made program called "It's not easy being green." Check and see if you can convert the automobile you have, rather than buying another one. (Never buy new!)

If we make things last we can at least be an irritation to those sobs.

The most important thing, especially here in the US, is to write, email, and fax Senators, Representatives, and The President. look at what is going on in your state. Harrass your State Senators, State Representatives, and Govenors. If you think a law is unconstitutional contact your State Attorneys General.

Yes, you are going to call attetion to yourself. Yes, you may be harrassed. Just keep hard copies of everything you send, and that you recieve in reply. (If you are lucky enough to get a reply. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ar, chooses to ignore every letter or email I send her. I have gotten one reply from Mark Pryor, D-Ar. I request replies to my emails from Rep. Marion Berry, D-AR, but never receive even an acknowledegement.)

If you can't get a reply, keep writing, and start calling. Let them know you are going to vote against them in the next campaign. Let them know you are going to ACTIVELY campaign against them. Hold them accountable.

If you can, instead of using cash, use barter. That can take taxes away from government. It might not be much, but every $ we take away from them, we can use for ourselves.

When you can, shop at Mom and Pop stores. That's hard to do now,(there are a couple of restaurants, but Walmart has driven the corner grocery stores out of business here.

Members of ATS, we cannot do this alone, but we can spread the word that real Change (not Obama, not McCain) but a whole new breed.

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