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NWO Technology

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posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 06:29 AM
Having read another post concerning RFID tags used for money transactions and tracking I would like to state that this is probably barking up the wrong tree and I would like to propose the following technology for the NWO money less controlled society

The RFID tag is a limited and crude technology so we'll be using mobile phones instead

The mobile phone IME will be linked directly to you and your bank account

The mobile phone will be integrated with a fingerprint reader for added security during payments, also the reader means that stealing the phone will render the phone useless. A print scan and PIN will be required to pay for items, an updated more secure version of bluetooth will be used when communicating cost to the phone.

The fingerprint reader will mean that your phone is used for all ID needs whether to prove your age, identity or access to limited areas. Also the ID features of the phone will be used for integration into your home, car, work areas etc, you won't be able to go anywhere without it.

All web traffic will be based on the phone (increased speeds will mean you won't need a home based modem) so placing it next to your computer will allow you to use it as a modem, with that constant tracking and cataloging of all your interest will be used for profiling by the agencies if need be.

New technology will mean everything you say will be recorded and sent off to into the cloud for processing, this will be used so that governments can pick up on certain key words and if need be punish you for it. Although such technology will exist under the guise of "you phone will listen to you and deliver instant information concerning the subject your talking about"

GPS and cell tracking will mean that all your movements are recorded, since your ID, communications and money are based on the phone you won't be leaving home without it.

And there is it a nice new model for the NWO fully integrated tracking system all in the palm of your hand, feel free to add some more features.

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 10:40 AM
Nice idea. Only problem is that people go through new phones way too often for this to be cost effective!

I work in the field of automatic identification and RFID technology is also insufficient for properly tracking us. It may work for buying groceries in the sense that you could just leave the store and everything would be scanned, then you'd probably receive a bill in the mail. But to tie it to your cc would be a bit much.

Also, implanting RFID into a person would be inefficient because the antenna aren't advanced enough yet. Different antenna look for different things, the RFID tag honestly isn't capable of holding that much information. Just a few quick things about you (ssn for example). This process is in action via the speed pass on toll ways but that's about it for now.

The technology is still way too expensive and until traditional linear & 2D Barcode technology becomes less efficient, it's way more cost effective and still very useful.

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