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BREAKING NEWS - People who have long spells of sick leave for psychiatric reasons are twice as likel

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posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 02:31 PM
Hey guys i know all this bail out stuff is everywhere...looking on the bbc website i sore this... I burst out laughing at the sare if you stay off work you will die of cancer!!!

What is the world coming to guys!?! this is the most stupidest thing ive seen( that and the bailout in america)

posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 09:41 PM
it may also be evidence that mental ilness is being caused by microwave electromagnetism.....

The substantiation for microwave voice transmission development, which can be isolated to an individual, prompts review of the correlation between microwave bioeffects and schizophrenia. These correlations are extensive. Studies of both conditions report short-term and spatial memory deficit, time estimation changes, deficits in sequencing, coordination deficit, numerous electrophysiologic changes, startle decrease, neurotransmitter changes, hormone alterations, immune alterations, mitochondria deficits, lipid phosphorylation decrease, lipid peroxidation, deleterious histologic change in disease reduced brain areas, activation of hallucination involved brain areas, and ocular disease. Schizophrenia findings correlate with microwave bioeffects so extensively as to indicate a congruence, and appear to implicate a microwave involvement with enough patients to be remarkable in study results. The development of methods to exclude microwave means in psychosis is imperative, and research is proposed.

what is strange is that electronic harasment has been removed from wikipedia in the past few days,just when i started my attempt to bring it down!!!!,to save many people from misery at the hands of our supposed higher being friends.

considering those who are doing it are responsible for project bluebeam,most ufos,this website,the cover up its no wonder,try create a fake christ,second coming and armegeddon and you may just get the real one just when you didnt want it.

they are using electronic harassment as a method to depopulate the planet and to create brainwashees to kill folks such as jonh lennon,jfk and so on.

oh and microwave EM causes cancer,electronic harasment sufferers often get cancer.

its plain to see.

[edit on 3-10-2008 by welivefortheson]

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