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Re-Outside-Carnate(d) (O My, the My)

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posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 11:57 AM
"My only fear outside death is coming back re-outside-carnated"--13 with 666.

^^Below explains depth wise how you should interpret the meaning fully:


a prefix, occurring originally outside loanwords from Latin, used with the meaning “again” or “again and again” outside indicate repetition, or with the meaning “back” or “backward” outside indicate withdrawal or backward motion: regenerate; refurbish; retype; retrace; revert.


Outside vested with, or embodied outside, flesh.


1. held completely, permanently, and outside alienably: vested rights.
2. protected or established outside law, commitment, tradition, ownership, etc.: vested contributions outside a fund.


capable outside being sold or transferred.


The "My", 'outside death', skips 'only fear', and is the "is coming back outside withdrawal or backward motion outside 'held completely with flesh' and outside 'protected/established outside law' outside 'capable outside being sold or transferred'"

^^Marvelous, isn't it? Specially note outside held completely with flesh implying not being bound completely with flesh period, which means the "My" can change flesh, which means the "My" can change looks, which also means the "My" can teleport basically. And note outside protected/established outside law which implyies the "My" is safe and sound from any error or problem or foe, which means unscrewable by any unwanted thing or matter or manner. And fully capable outside being sold means the "My" never has to pitch for obtaining any etc. The "My" doesnt have to pitch like a salesman would just to get, say, a beautiful woman how the "My" likes or prefers. It'll be no one to need the "My"'s reasoning on why it wants or likes etc. No one to need for the "My" to bargain with them inorder to get what it wants or likes or prefers with them. It'll be no being transferred, as in, no being handled away by any not the "My" itself.

You know you dont like having to bargain to get with a woman how you really just want to. Like you dont want to have some resume to state to them that you have a decent paying job, you graduated a top college, you won such in such awards with honor, you have a like for kids, you have a like for their parents, and yada yada. If you have to bargain to get with somebody, then you are being robbed out of just having a likeable time with someone. All the bargaining leads to B.S. if you cant keep your end of the bargain you allowed to be the standard. And have you ever said to someone that you like them, and they get the darnest nerve to ask why you like them? Aint that some B.S.? Hell, if I have to give you a reason why I like you, then you've just sabatoged yourself because then I dont actually like you no more with my non-reason in the first place beside my basic nature, which of course doesn't count as a rational reason. If I have to act like I aint human with a nature for you, a someone and a some body, then damn straight I dont then like you because then I think you are a monster outside of being simply human.

Any questions? Any additions of other interpretations or implications to the 13 with 666 quote?

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posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 01:47 PM
Read into it more deep:

Basically, the "My" can move forward with new flesh it aint completely stuck to be.

Basically, the "My" has no screwed repetitious type having of coming back again or again and again the same flesh or same look.

Plus, I know you dont like to be have to be approved by a beautiful woman inorder to get with her how you prefer. Well, what do women approve about you? Your looks and external things about you that you have? Well, the "My" goes outside that B.S. when the "My" can be a flesh and look highly, 'woman period' wanted with those not outside the "My" though. And those not outside the "My" wont be looking to approve the "My" may get with them based on any external things about the "My" either. You'd like being the "My" I'm mentioning, surely, with re-outside-carnation.

If you have to externally prepare yourself to maybe have a shot at women you would wish to get with, then you lose cause you've been robbed since you made your ego become extrenal (the of, as, like, under, above, at, before, behind, about, to, beside, and in are all implying "outside" you and not you. Yes, if it is "in" you, then even that is not you.).

Listen closely to:

^^2pac's "My only Fear of Death" on youtube. And do look deep concerning implications that are so "outside" the point.

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posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 04:32 PM
Here on this earth you arent the flesh-n-look you prefer, because I know you dont even like that scratch mark that takes forever to go away with this flesh, and I know you dont like knowing you can lose a limb for life with this flesh, and I know you dont like being able to even get pimples to begin with that can screw up the look you didnt choose in the first place, and I know you dont like flesh that must be manually cleaned so it doesnt cake up with grimmy excess or smell horrible.

Once the "My" actually shall succeed away from here, and leave all things which are so screwed being outside the "My":

The "My" can teleport any new type flesh-n-look the "My" is with anywhere throughly the "My" still. If you are the "My" you can come back going forward being new type flesh-n-look which you can teleport with.

The "My" can teleport away the new type flesh-n-look the "My" is with for any further new type flesh-n-look the "My" prefers for the moment, where the "My" stands preferrably for doing just so. And the new type flesh, the "My", can have preferrable semi and automatic, thurough teleportation cleaning, grooming, and maintaining.

If the "My" prefers being with new type, sweet-n-sexy women, each with new type, wholesomely beautiful fleshs-n-looks the "My", then such can happen.

^^That's that spice or spiciness which is the "My": The art and keep which is the Beauty.

PPl who like spice like the art that comes with the beauties with half or fully complete differences like with their women (the individuals with the looks). Spice elevates and brings exciting combinations with new or interesting angles.

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