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Could many of us be linked through mass abductions?

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posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 03:00 AM
Ok well ive been thinking lately that the reason we all may be drawn to the whole ufo phenomenon, is perhaps because we all are linked through mass abductions.

Now stay with me...not everyone needs to be abducted in order to believe in ufo and aliens and such but for those people who believe in it so strongly there willing to base there entire lives on the perspective that we arent the only life in the universe.

Ive heard of aliens abducting people in masses. Many Many Many of the people are reportedly either messed up so bad they block out what is happening or it could be merely the fact that they wipe your memory i do not know.

There are however a few ''special'' people who often remain consious in order for them to calm people or be instructed to do w/e the alien wants them to do right.

Now could our curiosity or drive be part of something greater that binds believers and non believers on these forums together to find out the greater truth??

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