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This video explains the mess we are in, and WHY we are in it! Must see.

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posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 09:10 AM

This is a very informative video that a friend sent me in an email. I do not post this to start a thread about how terrible one candidate is and how amazing another is, but I posted it for informational purposes.

I believe it shows an acurate depiction and explaination of what is going on in our economy as well as gives well founded evidence of who and what caused the mess that we are in.



posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 12:46 PM
It is in fact an interesting video, well informed, be it blatantly pro-McCain as it is, it makes a point of the situation. BUT (always expect a but after a praise!) its basic assumption is controversial: the Housing Bubble started it all, and the housing bubble started with the Carter Administration's federal incentives to low income housing, correct me if i got it wrong. Personally i live in Europe, in Italy, where government incentives to housing have a century long history, where countless families got a decent house (not by American standards, but, hey, we 're Old World after all!), in financial terms that our video author would find of a Soviet taste: after WWII, the continent in ruins, homeless people everywhere, a government body (namely IACP in Italy's case) would supply an extremely long-term loan, or a very low rent for a fairly decent house- decent maybe not to American-Hollywood standards but still...-all this in a form of a leasing-type agreement, in terms not dictated by the market-only!- but also from the extreme need for housing in a war-torn Europe.This IACP government corp., run by government, and run as the government told so, never did securitize its outstanding debt, it didn't create "exotic" financial products such as CDO's or Credit Default Swaps and the rest, it didn't try to sell the mortgages in small pieces or bet on how much people would default. You had a state-provided house, you paid a tax-rent-loan installment and after 30-40 even 50 years of a nominal rent on the building, it was yours! OK, it was a commie solution, there was and still there is much corruption in da' system, BUT Italy has 80-90% home ownership (not me by the way,I'm still on rent but i rented once one of this IACP houses, from a landlord who had a nicer suburb house and rented his old one).
On the other hand, in the States, we know it all, they think in big. OK to put a mortgage for a house, OK to incentivate low-income housing, OK to let the market, and not the human needs, decide who lives between walls and who lives between card boards, OK also to misinform the borrowers on the terms of the loan, say OK also for the predatory lending practices, for the absence of universal health care (try have together a home loan and a cancer case in the family, and then you tell me how fast you finish under the bridges!), say OK to all that and also to a score of unnecessary wars here and there-not in Paris, Texas, not in Athens, Georgia, not in Venice Beach or something but there, far and away, where you can't find it on a map.. Say OK to all that, say again GOD BLESS AMERICA for all that BUT
don't tell me that its Obama's fault for the greed of the Wall Street, the Illuminati, the Aliens, the Reptilians, the Jews-feel free to add to this hate list your favored, real or perceived enemy- don't tell me that it was "bad state regulation" and "good market deregulation" would do the trick, I WON'T buy it. For the record, given that we write both in a so called conspiracy site, we might as well say it, Obama to me seems far more dangerous than McCain, this being a personal gut feeling i have about him, and gut feelings sometimes are correct, sometimes are hasty. In the left side of the spectrum here in Europe everybody looks at him with hope of a president who won't plant a war every 3 semesters, just to boost up a little the US economy, Wall Street-NWO-Freemason-Illuminati snake oil salesmen economy that is. Still, admit it or not, it's the System that had created this crisis, it's the System that is currently cooking a war to get itself out of this crisis, it's the System that has a precise plan with this planet, or it doesn't, which it might be worse after all! I finish with a nice phrase from some guy named Antonio Gramsci:
a revolutionary must combine the pessimism of the Theory with the optimism of the Will
see ya!

posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by MockedUnicorn

I started a thread yesterday with this video. I think everyone should see it.'

posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 01:29 PM
Just wanted to point out the fact that i am still confused how the incumbent party can run on a change ticket? What exactly does he want to change if he is in the same party?

posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 02:00 PM
I cannot STAND videos with typed words and pictures. Can it get anymore brainwashy? Some people are hooked on the endorphins they get from bing constantly terrorized. End self terrorism!!

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