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Ripping up 'red tape' and regulations

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posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 02:51 AM

Form filling, giving out personal details, call centres, closed-circuit television - if any of these bug bears get your goat then you might want to join the FART Club.

The club (Fight Against Red Tape) has been started by a group of middle-Englanders, all claiming to be fed up to the back teeth with the trials and seemingly endless delays that go along with modern day living.

Club founder, Baggy Saunders, said he decided to start the website campaign as he had had enough of the "unnecessary" red tape everyone has in their lives.

the FART club

Heck, i think this is a club everyone should join.. one of the best IMO.

I have visited the web site. rather well laid out it is, I would join the fart club, but am unable to do so over the internet at this time.

Bit odd that though, a club to fight against red tape needs a credit card to join it..

I don't doubt they need finances to keep things running smoothly, but this could very well tunr out to be quite an earner for them. Good luck to them really. Just might have been nice to raise the cash another way.

Especially for many members here on ATS who may very well be interested in all that the club may do, no matter where you are from.

Farts may spread around the world given enough time and support.

May farts linger under the noses of the pompous for a very long time!

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