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True self, with in sub concious

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posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 12:52 PM
Every second of your life you are making decisions, weather your aware of it or not,
You chose to read this thread, you chose to agree with me or not.
you make concious decisions like deciding to go and get a job, or sub concious like holding a door for someone, or even your reactions when your having conversations.
Now realistically your decisions are what make you,they what decides your very fate,But what about your subconcious decisions?
When you conciously make a decision it is your ego acting out, but remember your ego acts out of past experiance.Like if you walked by a dog that almost bit you one time, your not going to walk by that dog again, or if theres a person of the attractive member of opposite sex but is friends with someone you despise, then your not going to act.Bt what about your sub concious , your true self, that knows it's true desires,You see society has subjected everyone to put on an alter self, and be somebody in this world,not the world.Now if everyone woke up and didnt put on there alter self, and acted out of pure sub concious, things wouldbe alot diffrent.
Which leads me to my next subject,Dreams, Dreams are one of the most fascinating things about man, for years they have been subjected to interpretation.Now just jumping back to your alter self, i will admit it would be hard to live just being your true self, and i think it's probably not possable, but remember thats cause your ego has shaped you.But when you dream, that is your true self in it's world, Your true self or subconcious arent making decisions on past expierances, thats your true thoughts,ideas and concepts.So when you are in your dream world that is truely you soaring free not being limited to what this world will let you, Your true self has no worries about consequences, thats why dreams can go so many ways.But now it's just my theory as all of this is, maybe when you dream you filter your ego through your true self, thats why you can wake up and have a diffrent perspective on things."Just sleep on it" Thats your true self, atma, soul what ever you call it purifing your ego.
Just a thought.

posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 02:01 PM
Dreams are the mind's way of letting us safely let off steam, create, and explore the universe.
I travel to some odd places, meet some weird people and even get to make love to some famous sexy ladies(if my wife doesn't wake me up! lol)

posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 02:25 PM
Ohh Kettlebelly, are you sure if your dreaming, your wife is anywhere near you in the house and not letting off steam somewhere else?....

sorry couldn't resist

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