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my own ufo sighting

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posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 11:05 AM
Hi Guys,
great to be here. I have had a lifelong interest and belief in life beyond our own little planet.
In 2001 I had my own sighting of UFOS witnessed by my brother and a friend.
We were in London, walking up Whitehall [home of the government ] heading towards Trafalgar Square, when approaching Nelson's Column I saw 3 brilliant white orbs/spheres
passing across the skyline behind Nelsons Column. They were one behind the other, then formed a triangular formation. At this point a glowing red orb/sphere appeared beneath the formation which followed the formation beyond the naked eye into the sky.
During this sighting we can not recall any sound from a busling busy Trafalgar Square -
the heart of London, tourists everywhere!....and then a commercial airliner flies across the skyline accompained by a silver, putar coloured cylindrical object.
It felt like a private performance, although hundreds of people were present!
It was an awesome otherworldly experience...and a Japanese film crew where just around the corner doing their own filming!... if only we could have caught it on tape!!!

Two days later at home in North Devon, after watching T.V. around 11pm I went into the garden to look at the night sky only to see a black triangle fly across the house!!, my brother is my witness!! was pretty freaky! and I link those sightings together as my friend who lives in Watford was harrassed by a black helicopter over his block of flats the same night!

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