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Man Robs Bank, has to wait for J.P. Morgan to Finnish Robing Bank First.

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posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 12:33 AM

Local bank robber Carl Lewis sought to rob the Chase Manhattan Bank at 3 Times Square in New York, but was foiled in his attempt by the bank already being held up by financial services giant J.P. Morgan.

The robber identified as financial giant J.P. Morgan, seemingly oblivious to the robbery denied comment even as several police officers idly stood by and watched the robbery commence.

Carl Lewis was amazed at the skill and seemingly stealthy robbery by the financial firm as no one seemed the bit distressed in the lobby.

"I was expecting at least two gunmen with everyone on the floor, but there were just representatives in suits calmly robing the branch of all it's assets. the bank employees didn't even seem terrified by the robbery. These guys are real pros" Lewis said as he walked down the street his ski mask pulled up on his head.

Carl plans on robing another bank sometime in the future, but worries with the economic problems lately, if he will find the next bank he plans to rob will already be being robbed by a financial giant as well.


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