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Link between music and the sightings of UFO’s

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 09:55 PM
Hi all,

In one of the accounts of sightings on this site – the thread is closed now but you can find more details here: - the possible link was being made between the music played at the time of the sighting and the sighting itself.

I was thinking (it’s just over 4.30am in the morning here so I guess my subconscious was processing the information whilst I was sleeping
), we know for a fact that whales communicate with each other through the form of singing and that their sound is carried over a long distance in the oceans, would it be possible that a foreign intelligence’s communication would be based on that same principle? If you than translate the chores into colors – in the final posts of the above thread ATS members at started this – would that than be a possible explanation of the lights that accompanies some of the sightings?

The linked thread is quite long with a lot of off topic replies but I did not find the answer to this in the thread – though I must admit that the off topic postings became so annoying whilst reading through the thread that I might have missed some contributions on my question skimming through the posts.

I look forward to some on topic discussions – thanks!


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