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Some Thoughts About the Road Ahead...

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 02:11 PM
So there I was, browsing the ATS boards, reading about the bank bailout, the federal reserve, wall street, 2012, etc., when a strange thought came to me...

Where are we going from here?

So as I sat there, i began to play out scenarios in my head. I would like to share one of them in particular with you:

1. The bank bailout passes, and the economy stabilizes, but the damage has already been done. The value of the dollar plunges, and the government suggests switching currencies. (this could also play tandem with the North American Union, and cement the introduction to the Amero).

Now that our borders have melded with Canada and Mexico, a new economic plan to switch to paperless currency, combined with a national ID is introduced, and we are all implanted with RFID chips. This will be sold as a cure-all, I.E., all your information can be stored on the chip, so it will make life much easier. it will also be implanted into your children, to prevent them from being abducted, and if they are, they can be easily tracked. your medical and dental records will be there as well, so that when you go to the doctor, all they have to do is scan you to get your file. (This part about the med files and child abduction are more theory, but i could see this as being positive points the NWO will push to get people to accept it.)

For those of you that don't accept it... well, needless to say, you won't be able to purchase ANYTHING. You will most likely be touted as un-american, and detrimental to the system, and shunned from society, at the very least. Worst case scenario, you are trucked off to one of the infamous FEMA camps that are spoken of here on other threads, and "rehabilitated" or "neutralized", depending on how resistant you are.

This is the first scenario i've played out in my head, focusing mainly on America, and leaving the rest of the world out of the picture. I welcome those of you who have different ideas of how our future will play out to post your ideas, because if you think that none of this will happen to at least some degree, then i would like to live in your world, because it sounds much friendlier than the one i'm living in.


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