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Central Florida Sighting!!!

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 10:46 AM
I am not sure if anyone else was in the Orlando area this past friday or know of any other activities that could have possibly caused this but it was the first sighting I have had since living in this area. Remember this sighting was on Friday 9/26 around 9pm

The best way to describe what I saw was it started out looking like a shooting star. Now before we all say well thats probably what it was let me say that I then realized it was much lower than a shooting star could have possibly been but the trail behind the object looked like a shooting star trail, then all the sudden it look like it burst into flames for a few seconds which looked like it was the shape of an arrow head which white and blue mixed together. Then it just vanished....

Did anyone else see this or has anyone else had a similar sightings?

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 11:02 AM
Hum.... About three weeks ago I was listening to a radio show and the dj’s were talking and making fun of unrelated topics when a person called and said if anyone had seen a UFO at around 8:55 in the evening. He said it was in Winter Springs I believe, and that it was a floating Orb with a halo around it. Orange, and was at about 1000 ft. The guy sounded amazed and truthful. Even though the dj’s were making fun of him asking him how high was the UFO then asking him how HIGH was he. That was pretty funny but was not cool at all. They put him in contact with a newspaper reporter and that was it.

I believe that Central Florida is not good for UFOs. They (the Pilots) probably know that there are lots of tourists with cameras and won’t fly by. It is rare to have a sighting in such an area.

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 11:29 AM
You've given the exact description of a largish meteor. Changing colors, changing intensity, and explosions are not terribly unusual with large meteors. The only part of your description that seems odd is the altitude. You say "it was much lower than a shooting star could have possibly been".

  1. How high was it?
  2. How could you tell how high it was?
  3. How high (or low) do you think it is possible for a meteor to be?

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 11:41 AM
reply to post by Phage

It was fairly high, im not good at judging distances or anything but the best way to explain was that it was lower than a consumer airliner but higher than some of the private planes that fly low in the area. It was low enough for me to realize that I had seen something on our planet and not in space.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 11:52 AM
I've seen tons of aliens when i lived in Florida, however most if not all turned out to be Cuban or Guatemalan :bad-dum dum:

Seriously though, I personally hadnt seen anything when i lived there, but my neighbor claimed she saw something strange over our neighborhood one night while she was out walking her dog. According to her it was 3 lights in a triangle shape, as we were close to a private airport i passed it off as being a commuter plane, but i could have been wrong.

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