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Retreat Logic

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posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 06:59 AM

"Stay or go"
When is the right time to head for your retreat or safe haven is a question I am frequently asked, This brings into question the entire concept of retreating because everyone has their own views on "when to go (or stay) and Why ?"

My view is that most of us are not financially independent enough to afford a full scale totally self sufficient retreat, Yes most of us have somewhere to go if the **** hits the fan and I am sure that you could survive for months on your own, but what about your dependants?
Can they and would they wish to rough it for months in a strange environment away from the familiarity of home? They may have the physical strength but what about the mental and emotional strength?

What about you? how long can you survive? what will you do if you become incapacitated for any reason? I believe most people will need support from others in time no matter how good their survival skills and plans are.

When are you going to go? What will be the trigger for you to uproot your family and resources to your designated retreat? What will you do if someone else who outnumbers and out guns you has already taken possession of your sanctuary? What if you can not get to your site in time before events overtake you?
All of these questions must be addressed and answers found NOW.

Yes I know you have important commitments, work, schooling, housing and finances etc but all of your efforts will be wasted if some political or natural event causes your premature demise because you were not ready or able to react in time. So when is the right time to go to a location that will maximise your chances of survival without creating the added burden of severe emotional trauma?
The answer is now! You need to make your home your first level of safety and security. You must assess your community for risks, hazards, resources and assets, especially if you live in very high areas of population density. The same applies to areas of political instability or are in strategic target areas so on and so forth. Are you close enough to receive support from other survivalists with whom you have mutual support agreements?

If you are unhappy with your results then its time to move house as soon as possible.
Have you have wondered why many survivalist families move to north western states in the US or Yorkshire, Cumbria, Durham and Northumberland in the UK. It’s not just that the areas are more rural and have lower levels of population density. The cost of living is less and properties are cheaper and there is more choice for your money. I agree that salaries are lower away from the big cities but so are the living costs. What some people are now doing is working from home, some transfer within companies, some people have sufficient skills to enable you to diversify in your choice of work, and some of you can live off the profits from the sale of your current homes. A certain percentage of you will not be able to do any of the above so you must develop contacts in the area you intend to retreat to (perhaps you can rent holiday cottages to become more familiar with area of your choice).
You will still need a hidey hole to bug out to if everything goes to hell and back but it won’t need to be as highly equipped as a full scale retreat, you may even be able to get away with a set of caches near your new home if they are well chosen and well sited.
You need the will and the commitment to take this route but it will work out cheaper than developing a full size retreat, and will not be as stressful to increase your level of readiness as it would to watch the world fall apart around you during a crisis. And you will not have to leave the security and stability of your home.
This will not be the answer to everyone's wishes but does give a valid alternative to the purchase and running of two homes and it could if planned properly put you closer to other survivalists who can and will support each other when needed.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 01:20 PM
Good thread, especially now as more people are looking at survivalists not as loons but dare I say, enlightened? With all the bad happening right now, threads like this and others Ive seen pop up are great for people looking for answers.

Not everyone has the financial means to purchase and or build a proper retreat, however, with property and home values crashing, more people should look at this option and move it up their "to-do" list. Even if you dont, find a old friend, a farmer, anyone with some sort of property out of the masses and talk with them, could you go there? What would they want you to bring? How long could you stay? We all know, or should know people who own land and value our friendships and our lives.

I was fortunate to aquire a sizable chunk of land very cheaply and along with others like me, was able to build it up into a very functioning retreat. Thank God for that.

The question about when should you go is a good one Ive personally pondered a good deal. Do you wait until martial law is declared? Does the first major riot send you packing? Along with most of survival decisions, I think this must rest with the individual and their circumstances. If you are in a city, you best be going before it gets real bad, or youre done for. If you have a family, that means 2 jobs, school, mortage, etc... to simply run off before need be may be disasterous if nothing does happen.

Talk with your friends and family. Stay abreast of the news, watch what is happening in your own community, and decide what the tipping point is when you go. As for me? I may leave now, just because I can.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 02:16 PM

Originally posted by salchanra
Good thread, especially now as more people are looking at survivalists not as loons but dare I say, enlightened? With all the bad happening right now, threads like this and others Ive seen pop up are great for people looking for answers.

Survivalism stopped belonging to the loonatic fringe and became mainstream at 9.50 GMT Sept 11 2001, five minutes after that the UK govt along with the US govt suddenly decided that survivalists putting away food and supplies was no longer " HOARDING" , and at the stroke of the minute became " Sensible precautionary measures endorsed by the ARC and FEMA in the US, and by HMG in the UK.

posted on Sep, 29 2008 @ 05:14 PM
reply to post by Northern Raider

We must run in different circles. I'm still seen as an extremist even though I consider myself a little lacking. Nice to know however that the mainstream has been coming around since 9-11.

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