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My ancient Egyptian/Arab texts about aliens..

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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 03:35 PM
I really like this UFO/Alien part of ATS!

I have recently obtained books and various information from people all over the middle east that deal with occult/religion/astronomy/alien nations, etc..

I have actually translated some samples of the text.. as my friend just joined my to spend the night, I have shown him these texts and the samples I translated, he advised me to consult the people in the Alien/UFO forums and see what you think about the writings and if they can be useful..

We both think these texts were never exposed to anyone outside the little secretive circles in the middle east.. So, this could be something really enlightening..

I started this thread to discuss "How these texts are related to other planets, nations, etc..".. I also would love to have someone confirm the accuracy of the astronomy, planetary, and star systems mentioned in these ancient texts..

I almost for got, keep this thread to discuss the relation to aliens.. and please refer to this thread for my ongoing work..

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