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Are We In The Wrong ?

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posted on Jan, 13 2003 @ 08:04 PM
i just have one question .

Why would the goverment want to hide alien space craft from us ?

does any other country have these ships?
or anything like them ?

Does the goverment not have a duty to protect those secrets from reaching the public ?

i mean sure im up for some information on what they are doing ..But im ameriacn ..what about other people who are not from america ..should they know it too ? i mean sure i love america yet i hate our goverment because of the lies/and everthing else they do..but i wouldnt want everyone in the world ot know our lil secrets ..unles all secrets were given up everywhere..if there is alien space craft..or aliens for that fact..then i wish they would let us know..but if the us goverment created tehm ...then they would be better kept a secret..I want to believe in aliens,but until im taken away in a spacecraft..then i cant believe..i can read all i want ..which i do...but that could be the goverment putting out bs for the public to eat up..i love this site..its awesome ...alot of thinkers in these threads..all im trying to say is ..Maybe the goverment has a right to keep stuff hidden from us ..but cover-ups ,and lies are BS..and should not be done at all


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