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Seven Golden Candle Sticks-September 21, 2008

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posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 04:31 PM
7 Golden Candle Sticks
September, 21 2008
10:00AM 60 Miles South of Rome

New Order of the Cathedral

Today was a very long day and it only seems to get longer because today I witnessed an event that has been described in the Bible as Seven Golden Candlesticks. I am very tired, so I will try to write down as much of this as I can before I forget. I will need your help doing some research regarding the event I have witnessed at 3:00 AM MST, 10 AM Rome. Live television and history now as prophesied in the book of Revelations.

I was flipping through the channels only to see something that caught my eye because of all of the usual infomercials at 3 AM. It was on EWTN called Dedication to the Alter.

From what I gathered from the voice over it is an alter with seven golden candlesticks placed upon it to signify the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the central point of meeting of heaven and earth.

The voice over stated that this event signified that to alter was again ready to be used.

(I took special note of this because I wondered if this was something that happened every year, since today Sunday, September 21 is the first day of fall(?). However, I according to the voice over I am guessing that this has happened maybe four times in history and the voice over stated that this ceremony dates back before the birth of Christianity and early Christian times.)

The Ritual

When I tuned in there were Seven white candlesticks placed upon an alter. The in the center was taller and it was that was aligned before a golden cross. Behind the candlestick was the cross and behind the cross was the Pope Benedict. Around the alter were many men dressed in white robes, please forgive me but I was not able to count how many but I would guess that there were about thirty in white robes and many people in the audience behind the alter.

The candlesticks all had a golden base and they were white candlesticks. The one in the center of course was the tallest signifying the Lord Jesus Christ and there were three shorter candlesticks of equal length placed on each side. The priest(?) who then lit them with a separate and lit the center one first then lit the ones on the center to the right and then the left to the center.

After the candlesticks were lit the choir sang music and then the Pope would speak briefly in segments in between different hymns throughout the ceremony.

(Any translations of this event and the Popes speech and Hymns etc. would be greatly appreciated.)

During this time, the pope drank from a golden cup, (communion?) which I did not see any body else drink, but then he had another golden cup filled with little white morsels about the size and shape of candy corn that were handed out to the attendees one by one as you would see in a church as they drink communion whine.

After this the Pope makes his exit.

The Alter

The alter from what I could tell was about 6-7 feet long and about 3-4 feet wide. (Looked to me like an oversized casket.) It had and insignia on it. From what I can remember about the insignia it had a star with a pyramid shaped symbol under it that looked more to me like the Eiffel Tower than the shape of a pyramid. Below that I believe there was a cross with a serpent wrapped around it on the lower left and wheat(?) that had something to do with pilgrimage and the slaughter of three early Christians followed by many others who first declared Christ as their lord.

The Pope of course was in regalia decorated as you would usually expect to see with all the Iron Crosses and such.

The details I don't exactly remember

As I write this I am very tired, but I am desperately trying to remember some important details as I write this post. Currently, I do not have the internet at my disposal to do additional research because I am in between homes so forgive me if some of this info is botched I am only telling you what I can remember and I can't look up anything right now Although I am sure there is a webcast that has hopefully been published by the time later to day when I copy and paste this and you read this post.

Here are some of the things I am unclear about.

First off the voice over mentioned many key terms about different Rites and Bloodlines. This would lead me to assume that the attendees were a very tightly niched audience, not the type of event that is open to just anyone.

Second, transcripts and audio or video would greatly be appreciated. I thought about trying to get some of this recorded on tape but then I found myself also wanting to get another beer out of the fridge and did not even get up to do that because I was trying to pay very close attention.

Third, many of us are familiar with some of the symbolism and other details I have described. So this might be the key to actually piece this together.

One thing that really stands out in my mind is that the voice over mentioned many times that this was to establish the New Order of the Cathedral. (To be passed on to other cathedrals or churches as the Vatican does so well?) Which makes me think of the Seven Churches mentioned in Revelations.

The other thing I am unclear about is that she mentioned several different Bloodlines in relation to their Rites and their relationships to the establishment of the Catholic Church. So it would be very helpful to have video and audio included in our research to determine exactly who these different bloodlines and Rites are associated with the Seven Golden Candlesticks ceremony, because it dates back to ancient times.

I am also unclear about the alter itself, what exactly does this entail?

The voice over repeatedly mentioned the word "sacrifice" as accompanied with her details she mentioned of the alter itself. I am sure it has to do with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, but I am not sure that when using the word "sacrifice" what exactly she was talking about.

Most of us are familiar with the term "New Order" but the voice over mentioned "The New Order of the Cathedral" so what exactly does that entail?

The Alter is Ready to be Used?

What was in the Golden Cups? First the one that the Pope drank from? Second the other Golden Cup that had white pieces of some type of food that everybody ate?
(I probably sound like an idiot at this point, or maybe not as well versed in Religious conspiracy as I once thought. So if thats a stupid question, please let me know what they were eating. If this whole post is a complete misinterpretation please let me know, but as I said earlier, I have never seen this before and I thought that maybe this was some thing that happened annually, but what I have gathered from the voice over it has happened maybe three or four times in history.)

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 05:05 PM
Apparently each cathedral has an Order, which would be like a board of directors. It sounds to me like they were doing a dedication of an altar, which every cathedral would have.
Lighting candles is part of the ceremony for dedicating an altar and they are in a group, with one of them signifying Christ.

ALBANO, Italy, SEPT. 21, 2008 ( Here is a translation of Benedict XVI' homily today at Mass in the Cathedral of Albano, Italy, near the papal summer residence at Castel Gandolfo. The cathedral's altar was dedicated at this Mass.

That would be a normal type explanation, from what I can find with google search for "order of the cathedral".
The conspiracy type explanation comes from World of Warcraft and they talk about the Rite of the Order of the Cathedral.

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