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Oil, Glenn Beck and why I'm generally PO'd at the whole thing...

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posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 07:31 AM
I was watching Glenn Beck and he had a repeat on, I thought it was a new show, but I tried to call in and got nothing but a busy signal.... I tried several times to call in and ask why he was pushing oil on his show by repeating it... And also to ask why they focus on oil and not alternative fuels and energy as the topic. I understand it would help out now to drill for more oil, but it's like "someone" has a hold on our God given right to progress in this area... Like we do not have the "ok" to produce other energies, at least not realistically, yet... I hear a lot about this and they act like it's new technology and it really makes me mad because it's not new... It's technlology that has been around for over a century, at least electric power has to my knowledge... I have also read some about Tesla who invented free energy... Towers that project free energy which anyone could tap into...? Could have brought forward wireless free energy and free energy vehicles, but no, for some reason his whole operation was short of eradicated, most people still don't know who he is...

Anyway, back to my main point... Glenn beck ran the same show, or at least the network ran the same show a few times... It's main focus is oil... But mainly focusing on the need to drill for more oil... My conclusion is either Glenn himself or the network or both agreed to put this particular show on, which boasts drilling for more oil...

At any rate I'm fed up hearing the same stuff about oil, projections this, projections that and honestly believe we are being led down the wrong path... I don't see any reason to seek "new" oil for fuel purposes and really believe if we utilize electricity and cleaner methods of producing our energy we would never have to use oil for fuel, again... Just imagine what our planet would be like if we chose to implement electric vehicles 150 years ago, which we could have... Either people are stupid or they are just ignoring the facts for personal gain... I know I'm probably not saying too many new things, but what got me to write this was the Glenn Beck show... Thought Beck was behind the people... But looks like he's just trying to make his buck like everyone else... Does anyone even care anymore that our media and government are pushing us in directions they want and not what's best for America or even the world?

I'm just wondering when the light will turn on for some folks, when we'll pull our heads out and actually allow ourselves to evolve and progress... If anything the system that we live by now prevents us from making any progress whatsoever through laws and bills etc., probably the way the elites want it though... Again another subject..

But there is a solution... I think I know what it is...

Basically we need to develop cleaner electricity, maybe nuclear energy for instance... Get rid of all the polluting coal plants and replace them with nuclear for example... The utilization of wind and the sun would also be a HUGE benefit and contribution to our energy requirements... Produce all vehicles electric and flex fuel based, no more oil based fuels... Bam, problem solved, right? I think so, it's simple, it makes sense and it could be done very easily and quickly if needed... I know this, but doesn't seem like anyone else does... If they do I don't know them or haven't heard them speak... It's obvious our media and authorities are not going to dive into this issue unless it deals with more drilling... Such a shame...

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 09:01 AM
It's really not about oil if you dig deep. I'm betting the reason such small folk as him are hard core into oil is because the people who write his paycheck tell him to be so.
Climb the ladder enough and I think we can all guess who we will find directing the world as it is.
I used to say "It's all about the money" and come to find out, I was wrong the whole time.
It should be: "Its all about the power"

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 03:59 AM
reply to post by Snift

Control the currency that runs the world and you have all the power... They go hand in hand I'd say...


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