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Time Zero (coming)

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posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 07:20 PM
Time Zero puts you redone or reset.

The man-made time (refer to time found in a digital watch) has are these number places: 00,00,00,00 (holding: Hour, Minute, Sec, Millisec).

When I had gotten into the Roll Call (a radio station's program which lets you sing through phone into a recording that later gets put on air)... It became official on air 7:25pm...

7 - 2 - 5 = Zero.

^^Three day theory (in a 00,00,00. The third day in a week where Pac got shot). The fourth day theory is the last 00 set. The last set implies remote command if the other three implies persons (worthy, betrayor, devil).

pm represents prime time. How were you in one of your primes? You would like your primes to return with other primes returned in one, since surely you have different primes scattered across time in your past. What I shall do is put me back in my magic prime which is responsible for my other primes, and then I can sow the primes together in me, and feel grand complete in a new and improved way, preserved for activation.

You put redone or reset can be a damnation or the opposite for you. By recording I was put different technically in the Roll Call, but it did go opposite damnation and did go damnation in different times put on. Think of editing or not being played on air in any way you can think I noticed happened second hand.

Imagine if you didnt preserve a 'life's way' point like you can imagine your computer if you didn't preserve a 'restore' point, and a redoing or resetting happens outside your control, and brings you like your computer into a worst or better way...

When someone is reset it can mean they lose all their work and savings.

We live to be rejected from the current here and now. Time Zero is coming. Like in a maze... you get to a halting B.S. point, you turn back, and then proceed forth into a new direction which is a non-B.S. path where things look bright for yourself. But there are some who go from one B.S. point into a B.S. path worst than the B.S. point came from.

Any questions?

posted on Sep, 26 2008 @ 08:28 PM

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 11:06 AM
You're a watch I say I say.

I say a mean.

I say a type.

Every etc. period outside 'I' is not, say, 'my ego', but is garbage. 'Say a mean' is garbage. 'Say a type' is garbage.

Every etc. period outside 'my' is not, say, 'me' or 'I' any way any, but is mine (a hold, an own, a have, a taken, a had, and a gotten).

^^a had, as in, not a former have, but a deceived or a tricked or a fooled or a trapped or an entrapped or a snared.

^^You are those very words themselves concerning all outside me.

Never at any time did any outside see I. But all you did see were signs and workings I made you become only. It's you all seeing yourselves those signs and workings because all you do not see me any time.

You all never know when I aint near. For all all know is it may be a program running tricks so bought since you all can not see, proof wise, me any time. You all are only always near wise signs and workings made with you all. The signs and workings leave no proof how near am I or how far am I who you all outside me, either which way, can not/never see.

So watch, but know you all know not what you all watch. You all know not who or what because you all can not see me ever. So watch you all's destruction come working wise you all can feel. Any who blaspheme against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven. And you all know not when what or who till it's too late. You all damn sure cant see the Holy Ghost. All you and the Holy Ghost can press Death and Hell's rise. Like Pac said, "How do you want it?" Can skip and hop straight for Death and Hell if all you want advancement.

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 09:55 PM
You all are this Watch which is defective, but its ticking and wining and setting is commanded since 'I' command every etc. outside 'me' and 'my'.

"...'cause they run into their grave: Watch!!"--2Pac

Graves are dead ends. My foes are graves and in a grave. Graves restrict and confine.

My Watch is a grave I say. Try to watch me who you can not, and all you see is a grave with you all both it and in it.

In the funeral my final words to those in a grave is, And the damned shall be damned. A men.

Face it, the damned be knocking on Hell's door for Hell's greeting. If one keeps knocking the door's knockers shall be answered. Outro Bomb Second (My First Answer). Since first seen Hell should be given so shall it be this second case since the foes been tried with options and only purified themselves a sure evil.

Any who can not free themselves from evil or sin is a death row slave hellbound outside 'I'. I can care less if it's will not based, stating no desire a for repentence for escaping bound Hell. For that is only my foes problem since it is an eternal will matter. Evil needs help into Hell so evil can not do evil toward anyone else. Without Hell evil would be a bother. Even because revenge must be quenched so one can not be bothered by evil in any mind way. Even the mind must be saved from evil weeds. Every etc. outside the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give the sun's light either for the darkened. Not even a single crumb. The moon is another aspect like the mind. I wont give the foes a bothering chance in any way in any angle. I know the foes and their things not shall become total. The ugly shall be put aside null and void. I know no previously known ugly person or thing or place or idea in paradise. And it always remains I never knew my foes outside me, be they a divide or a divided from the point I tell. I'll be safe and sound away from the former evil known. Evil likes me knowing their hatred, but even that it thinks it has, it shall not have in such the thought clever reverse way. The B.S. wont live on or carry on for any foe. So the foes shall have no points made for any type winning they think they might have.

'I' = 'Wicked' ('Awesome'). Yeah, not that evil wicked version crap the foes wish they could have me since they want to be a me their version so they can be an evil supreme powerful rule. Like yuck! "You can't be something you're not!!!"--Pantera. It's enernal so you foes never had a chance to be something you're not.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 11:06 AM
Remember Gang Related?

Think about it... Bumbs are dirty and be all in garbage. Remember the bumb left being that way after 7 years, and came back clean and working? When he was a bumb he had no memory of who he actually was. Then, it came back when he got cleaned up. And the two crooked cops all died. Remember how they tried to give the guy a different memory of something bad? Yeah, those who try to climb up some other way the same is thief and a robber. Keep in mind, the two thieves on the crosses next to Jesus on the cross.

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