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National Union of Journalists film shows police obstruction of journalists

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posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 05:46 PM
Here is a great video showing police getting in the way of journalists doing their jobs. Its good that the NUJ have made this video, they too are worried about the erosion of civil liberties.

NUJ General Secretary Jeremy Dear said: “Journalism is facing grave threats in an age of intolerance. Whilst on the streets dissent is being criminalized, independent journalism is being increasingly caught in the civil liberties clampdown.

The video was released the day after the TUC in Brighton condemned the erosion of civil liberties and media freedoms in Britain.

It seems that at the TUC meeting they argeed to NOT back the national identity scheme.

This is taken from the NO2ID supporters newsletter

This week the Trades Union Congress (TUC) voted at their Congress in
Brighton to resist the National ID scheme with all means at its
disposal, "including consideration of legal action to uphold civil
liberties". The motion was put forward by the British Air Line Pilots'
Association (BALPA) in light of government plans to require workers in
aviation to enrol in the National Identity Scheme in 2009.

Nice to see a positive step in fighting the ID card especialy from airline workers.


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