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Creationism IS Evolution

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posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 12:20 PM
I'm going to provide here a brief summary of my worldview, which justifies this double blasphemy against two well entrenched dogmas.

Firstly, I am a prescriber to the philosophy of panpsychism.

Pan = Everything
Psych = Spirit

That sums it up. Everything has a spirit and thusly this entire universe is a conscious entity. Atoms, stars, cells, animals, people, governments - the lot of it! I could ramble on for quite about the implications of this belief but I'll be brief for the sake of summarizing.

Assuming as I do that all energy is orchestrated by some element of consciousness, the mechanisms behind the metamorphosis of star matter into human beings attains new clarity. It takes the concept of Intelligent Design to the next level! For the universe ITSELF is which is the designer and it is the universe ITSELF which is acknowledged as intelligent! It is this CORE reality which results in the gradual tendency towards the realization of positive potentialities (from the subjective stand point) in all entities which exist in this universe - we know it as evolution and yet we falsely believe that this process of CREATION is RANDOM.

As cells came together into great coalitions, I cannot believe that they were blind and with metaphorical hands tied to witness or guide their own creation. No, that simply isn't the case. We humans were NOT the first to be possessed by this force we call the soul. It was NOT random chance that lead to DNA orchestrating great masses of cells into manifesting humans any more than it was random chance which lead us out of our caves to become beings capable of manipulating the fundamental fabric of the universe itself! Rather, it was struggle and an inherent desire for a MORE which is unattainable until we merge with the infinite - and more WHAT you ask? Well, the measure of an entities consciousness is quite simply a measure of ones ability to manipulate the universe it exists within, and indeed the universe is never satisfied with what it has. We are simply the latest in a long line of shells for this drive, and we, much like the cells of our ancestry are destined to be declared unconscious in due time by our own creations... you can see THAT particular trend emerging ever more with each passing day.

Think about it. This universe IS the entity which we know as God, and indeed, we were created in Gods image. Evolution and creation are simply two of Gods most prominent features - I must say I am thankful for this whole conflict over which is truth, however. The illusion of war kicks on the adrenaline for both sides driving them to seek greater clarity in their doctrines, which is really the ultimate goal for both parties in any case ;p

"The whole history of science has been the gradual realization that events do not happen in an arbitrary manner, but that they reflect a certain underlying order, which may or may not be divinely inspired." -Stephen Hawking

Thanks for reading
Also, if this idea is interesting to you I might suggest you check out the STARLARVAE hypothesis... it's essentially a far more elaborate and well read version of my personal belief. Peace!

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posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 02:05 PM
Indeed the universe is God, but there is no spirit, just sub-atomic forces.

posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 05:46 PM
Yet those sub-atomic forces are full of spirit! Over billions of years they have forged stars, galaxies, and life. Yes, they operate on a dimension which is radically alien to our own experiences, yet we are nothing more than the sum of grand orchestrations of these forces! We cannot communicate with them intuitively, we are merely capable of constructing grand simplifications of their reality in relation to our own to attain some level of understanding of what exactly is going on in this universe.

I fear that this is what evolution does to all entities, for in time the gap in consciousness between the creator and its construction becomes so great that the life inherent in that which came before is relegated to the abstract. To assume that simply because we cannot understand it in terms of our own existence that it does not have a spirit... seems fundamentally flawed and even dangerous.

That is the beauty of religion! It takes the spirit of the ancestral universe and gives it an avatar in the human realm of consciousness! Fundamentally, at least, this is it's function... as for what humans can do with that power well... that's another story entirely.

posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 06:43 PM
reply to post by EternitysDream

Hmmmm interesting....

Would like you to define just two words you use...

a. Spirit...

b. Soul....

As there are many interpretations for these words.

I am interested in your theories and look forward to see how this pans out over the next few days.

I must point out though, that the Word "God" can be seen also as a very loose identity, as everyone has their own idea what God should be according to their human understanding, which of course is normal.

The Word "God" in Christian terms, is no often understood, but is only thought, to be understood.

In the book of John The word "God" is described as being a Word (God), and having a second component, being Life (of God) or The Light of man (Phos in Greek): which is "Sun Light" or of any other source as well as from the Sun)

Often when humankind is referring to God, they are actually meaning The Life (Light of man) of God or Consciousness without realising.

You are right that the Universe is God, but I suggest that the Universe is a part of God, in the Creative sense of the word.

But God as I have said, includes two Components: the Word "God" and the "Life" of God which is "The Light (In Greek Phos) of Man"

The "Word" God involves much more, than what I can write in this thread and is much different in its contents, than most understand today.

To have any understanding of the "Word" God, we have to first discover the understanding of those at the time, by the scribe who wrote and has been influenced by the beliefs and politics, of the scribe at the time of writing. Not to mention the Translation problems from the Hebrew and Greek texts. This not only concerns just the language but also different cultures, theology, politics and customs between the ages.

The understanding back then, was so much different than today, not in the lesser sense, but perhaps with more knowledge of truth then than today.

The other subject involves The Universe...

Even today very little is really understood as to the true manifestation of the Universe really is...

The molecular or nuclear model, that is accepted and taught today, will be seen differently in say 1,000 years time and the understanding of today, will be perhaps seen as being a little barbaric then. LOL

But your Idea of the two theories, Creationism and evolutionism both being involved may or may not be true, as it depends in what context you view these two in their relationship with each other....

But my view is only one of innumerable views, of the situation being presented.

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