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9/11 and the "American Inquisition" -By Michel Chossudovsky

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posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 09:52 AM
Today's "Global War on Terrorism" is a modern form of inquisition. It has all the essential ingredients of the French and Spanish inquisitions.

Going after " Islamic terrorists", carrying out a Worldwide preemptive war to " protect the Homeland" are used to justify a military agenda.

"The Global War on Terrorism" (GWOT) is presented as a "Clash of Civilizations", a war between competing values and religions, when in reality it is an outright war of conquest, guided by strategic and economic objectives.

The GWOT is the ideological backbone of the American Empire. It defines US military doctrine, including the preemptive use of nuclear weapons against the "state sponsors" of terrorism.

The preemptive "defensive war" doctrine and the "war on terrorism" against Al Qaeda constitute essential building blocks of America's National Security Strategy as formulated in early 2002. The objective is to present "preemptive military action" --meaning war as an act of "self-defense" against two categories of enemies, "rogue States" and "Islamic terrorists", both of which are said to possess weapons of mass destruction.

The logic of the "outside enemy" and the evildoer, allegedly responsible for American civilian deaths, prevails over common sense. In the inner consciousness of Americans, the attacks of September 11, 2001 justify acts of war and conquest:

"As was demonstrated by the losses on September 11, 2001, mass civilian casualties is the specific objective of terrorists and these losses would be exponentially more severe if terrorists acquired and used weapons of mass destruction."

America's Inquisition

The legitimacy of the inquisition is not questioned. The "Global War on Terrorism" justifies a mammoth defense budget at the expense not only of health and education, but of virtually every single category of public expenditure.

The "Global War on Terrorism" requires "going after" the terrorists, using advanced weapons systems. It upholds a preemptive religious-like crusade against evil, which serves to obscure the real objectives of military action.

The lies underlying 9/11 are known and documented. The American people's acceptance of this crusade against evil is not based on any rational understanding or analysis of the facts.

America's inquisition is used to extend America's sphere of influence and justify military intervention, as part of an international campaign against "Islamic terrorists". Its ultimate objective, which is never mentioned in press reports, is territorial conquest and control over strategic resources.

The GWOT dogma is enunciated and formulated by Washington's neoconservative think tanks. It is carried out by the military-intelligence establishment. It is embodied in presidential speeches and press conferences:

"We've been warned there are evil people in this world. We've been warned so vividly. ... And we'll be alert. Your government is alert. The governors and mayors are alert that evil folks still lurk out there. As I said yesterday, people have declared war on America and they have made a terrible mistake. ... My administration has a job to do and we're going to do it. We will rid the world of the evil-doers," (George W. Bush, CNN, September 16, 2001)

The objective of the "Global War on Terrorism" launched in September 2001 is to galvanize public support for a Worldwide campaign against heresy. In the eyes of public opinion, possessing a "just cause" for waging war is central. A war is said to be Just if it is waged on moral, religious or ethical grounds

The Demonization of Muslims and the Battle for Oil

The US led war in the broader Middle East Central Asian region consists in gaining control over extensive reserves of oil and natural gas. The Anglo-American oil giants also seek to gain control over oil and gas pipeline routes out of the region. (See table and maps below).

Muslim countries possess 66 percent of total oil reserves. (Michel Chossudovsky, The "Demonization" of Muslims and the Battle for Oil, Global Research, Jannuary 4, 2007). In contrast, the United States of America has barely 2 percent of total oil reserves. Iraq has five times more oil than the United States.

Demonization is applied to an enemy, which possesses more than 60 percent of the world's oil reserves. "Axis of evil", "rogue States", "failed nations", "Islamic terrorists": demonization and vilification are the ideological pillars of America's Inquisition. They serve as a casus belli for waging the battle for oil.

The Battle for Oil requires the demonization of those who possess the oil. The enemy is characterized as evil, with a view to justifying military action including the mass killing of civilians. (Ibid)

Continue this thought provoking article here

posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 03:38 PM
Stars and flag for this one!
I believe you have hit it on the nail with the Global war on terrorism.
The real terrorists are sitting in Washington DC. I call them Global pigs and murders
If America dose not wake up soon there will not be a country left to defend, these neocons have many agendas, and one of them is to disarm Americans and take away as much freedom from us.
These rulers who run this Country use the media to feed us propaganda.
When I saw, the elections get highjack by the media I just turned the TV off.
There really is not an elections anymore for the people by the people we the people.
These elections are for the corporations by the corporations bought and paid for by the corporations.
People need to wake up to the “fact” that 911 was an inside job.
The proof is there in writing for anyone who can read and use common sense read the 911 Commissions report sit back and see how innocent our Government was during the events of that day.
The Government felt they needed to hide their evil doings from the American people, so they wrote a book 911 Commissions to “explain” how truly innocent they were on 911, in writing their book they neglected to answer any questions for the American people who needed answers for what happened that day.

We hear the words terrorist every day now in the press on TV on the radio everywhere.
It is, the fear tool the US Government uses to justify all their actions, and the new laws they have passed and are going to pass.

The US Government has lost its way, the Government has been bought and paid for by some of the worlds most powerful corporations those who dictate how new laws are going to be passed in America and laws that benefit them. (Nothing-new here.)

I love this country, but I do not like what it is doing right now, and I don’t like were our Government is heading.
We need a major change one that would benefit the world and this country.

posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 03:16 AM

LOL. I like this post, America always seems to demonize someone...First it was the Indians, then the Brittish, Russians and other communists, and now middlesterners.

All I have to say is that the powers of be is following this book:

The Book of the Law by Liber Al Vel Legis. (Chapter 3)

9: Lurk! Withdraw! Upon them! this is the law of the Battle of Conquest: thus shall my worship be about my secret house.

11: "... Worship me with fire and blood; worship me with swords & with spears. Let the woman be girt with a sword before me: let blood flow to my name. Trample down the heathen; be upon them, o warrior, I will give you of their flesh to east!"

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posted on Sep, 13 2008 @ 06:58 PM
Anyone who invokes the medieval world in relation to 9/11 and the global machinations of the fascist oligarchy is right on the money in my opinion.

The rise of the trans-national corporation and it's ability to metastatise malignantly wherever it wants to, to avoid high labor costs and onerous social responsibilities, has been the hallmark of a new move by the elite to claw back everything they have lost to the civilising power of democratic government, since the middle ages.

If you want to understand our world, read about the medieval world. One thing comes through loud and clear. The elite regards ordinary people as good for only two things, to be providers of money and to be providers of soldiers.

If you want a great read on this subject, where the attitudes are shown over and over again and where the mindset of these thugs is impossible to miss, read Thomas B. Costain's four volume history of the Plantagenet family.

Reading about the politics of the ancient world is a great tonic because you get the essence of how people behave with all the cosmetic fecal matter scraped off.

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