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digital switchovers,internet 2 and a military police state

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posted on Sep, 11 2008 @ 12:14 PM
I want to know how many of you all realize who really runs things in our country. If you answer Americans you are right. And wrong. Only certain elite Americans get to influence policy. And even then its based on foreign entanglements and who can profit most where ever they go. This is true with the sswitch to digital, likely creating secret jobs within some department to watch the hours of footage feeding from secret cameras which record a profile of what you watch or pay attention to, also going to advertising companies.
It is according to one tv mogul already in action in flat screens.

Its my personal belief that this new switch to digital is a way for nanny state nancy to peek into homes and-well-be an over aggressive nanny. I dont need or want such a travesty of human freedom in my country..but too late now right? wrong.

Internet 2 threatens the landscape of the future of a free thinking people. With taxation and regulation unrepresented upon the american populace, I didnt vote or was called and asked " is it ok if we do this?" I would answer no.

This country needs another barrier between what governemnt does to force its will via the military upon what they term 'civilians, Im not a an american, i dont go by civilian, were all warriors or were all not for real freedom, not nanny state socialisms disguised in pretty advertising and binaural waves to brainwash us all slowly.

I wont fall for the scam the Bush administration, the pentagon, corporations and whatever other mild social deceptions are being implemented by a politicaly failed administration of fascist origins and the corporate sell-outs it has employed or served.

I for one am tired of seeing snickering childish behavior coming from the political and corporate world. These men and women act like morons, get what they want out of bribery and drunkeness, and only money is gained, not human advancement of both spirit and technology. Now your uneducated daughters and sons can stroll down the halls of malls listening to portable music and tv, all designed to make them compliant, naive or rebellious so that the system can put them somewhere later.

Whenever I have a chance to harass loitering youth I mention something about inventing the next big thing, in vain attempt to get them to stop loitering and get ahead of the curve.

The New World Order crowd is working hard to dumb America and the world down into a class of slave drones, happy and content in being money slaves to a family who only has sicophantic greed for respect from the world. Humanity like a picture of demons suckling off the bosoms of the master of hell. That is what i see when I look at the world.

Can humanity resist the real ignorance? Going with the flock of bad sheep, that obviously were given some kind of something to make them think they were good sheep. Maybe a mix of lead, flouride and mercury, then there smoking or drinking, maybe other oddities along the way. Then cultural degradations like sex and language degradation.

Its true folks America is a great idea, not an expirement. Socialist commies say its an experiment. Americans call it there permanent idealogical home.
Wheere all faiths, colors and lifestyles can come together under the understanding that the way things are now is wrong, the way things should be is, thanks to social corruptions, foreign influences and rogues, harder to achieve. Internet 2 and the digital switchover are in my mind part of an enemy within scenario playing out on the road to prison camps, mass work camps, and a populace afraid to confront the immorality of them. As well as the perverts of flesh and justice in government who will spy on people over things people should be left alone for. But the intruder must assume something and use some excuse to get power over my country. What a perfect way to intrude and manipulate lives.

You are digital demi-gods..

posted on Dec, 15 2008 @ 09:41 AM
I don't know why no one ever responded to this post because it's written very well. I agree with almost all of what you said. When ever I head anything new about the digital switch or this internet 2 garbage I get beyond furious. The worst part is people don't want to listen. They shrug you off like your crazy and that your miserable. The fact is were not miserable....were just not ignorant like the others. People need to open there eyes and finally see what is really going on. Great post.

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