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"Loose Change" in National and Free TV-Broadcast at 9/11 in Finland!

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posted on Sep, 9 2008 @ 03:05 PM
I already opean a threat about Finnish documentary broadcasts in:

But I didnt understand the value of this, before now... this is a great news for all of us, and deserve own threat...

Loose Change in national free broadcast at 9/11-08 in Finland!

( Translated from TV Channels website )

11.9.2008 21:00
JIM D: 9/11 - Loose Change part 1/2

Loose Change is the most viewed conspiracy documentary, and this is most new version of it. First part investigates for example Pentagon attacks, and asks, did FBI know about hijackers before attacks. Makers of this documentary gives us from events their own, and very different explanations than official versions. Documentary made in USA.


- Does any other country send this at 9/11 this year?
- Is this really the first time Loose Change is shown in any national TV at 9/11?


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