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A story about my Uncle and it shows you gaurdian angels are real

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posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 12:40 PM
Ok scripture says in psalms.

" I have given my Angel charge over thee "

the catholic church teaches that we have, each one of us have a gaurdian angel that watches us throughout life.

Many saints seen their angels, the girl in my signature almost talked to her everyday, and it's because she was so innocent and sincere.

My uncle has Bi polar and a couple of years ago it got much worse to the point that one day he went downtown to church. (he was) planning on commiting suicide. Now duirng that time he walked up to the stairs and onto the roof, this place is like several stories high, and there was noone in the church at that time, not many people it was on a weekday and only him and the guy who works there, he cleans the lower level. he never goes up top.

So this guy the sacristine I can't spell that. But he heard a voice, this is what he told us. sounded like someone calling him, so he went upstairs, found nothing. He kept hearing something so he wound up looking on the roof, he never does that and never has since he been there. he found Mike my uncle about to jump, completely out of his mind.

So this guy asked him have you prayed today? he said no. So the guy talked him out of it. He came down and changed for the better and has recieved medication.

It was truly an angel calling the cleaner to come upstairs. Ive seen God do this many times in my life and my families and he does it all over the world. This church btw has statues that cry on their own and bleed but I think that might be from satan. Not all of those miracles are real.

But like I said the girl in my signature actually talked to her angel which was a male daily. the reason we can't see them is because we are either not holy enough or not good enough to see their presence, I know I'm not.

anybody else have something amazing like that happen in your lives, please share.

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