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Revelations: The Revelations of evil tactics

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posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 11:51 AM
I am not a writer, my native language is not English but I will do my best revealing to you what evil people do.

They create evil problems, and offer us a solution to the evil problem that they created.
Their solution to evil problems is: We need an evil leader ("Which match the times"),
with evil experience, with more evil weapons and more evil techniques to "defeat" evil. In other words they are trying to fool us with a solution that tries to wash away blood with more blood. All the solutions they offer us is based on adding more evil actions on top of evil actions.

How does this sound?
Destroy the twin towers, tell the people it's the terrorist, so they will think they need more security and to secure them we can take away their freedom, and that can give us more power. The power to search their homes, read their emails, etc. They know that people are good people by default so they'll want to defeat evil so they count on it that people will give them some more power / support to fight terrorism that they created/started in the fist place, the truth is that the people are giving them more power to commit terrorism against other people.

Evil people offer you a couple of choices. But no matter what you choose it will still be in their advantage.

Evil people are wolfs in sheep clothing.

Most Americans are like zombies. Most Americans are blind to true evil. It's unbelievable to see stadiums full of fools cheering and clapping for a professional murderer, that comitted crimes against humanity. You can't do that to humanity, that is why I can never vote for a man like him. They are using the fact that MCcain killed people to try to win your vote. They make you believe that America is the greatest country in the world, but America has attacked far more countries than any other country on earth. They used the atomic bomb against humans, great country. In my opinion that is terrorism too. They lied to you, brainwashed you to get your support to attack other countries, great country. They tried to dumb you down, enslave you, enslave your mind, brainwash you, waste your time, keep you busy doing what does not matter the most, misdirect you, mislead you and yet some fools believe that America is the greatest country in the world. Most Americans are like you can't say that, but why is it OK to do what they have done, and it's not OK to say what has been done. If you don't want me to say it, don't do it. America is a wolf in sheep clothing. I don't watch TV anymore, but after you read this, I recommend you to watch TV, and see for yourself how smart and good you are and how stupid and evil they are. Don't watch it for too long or you can become a victim too.

These evil tactics work because most of Americans are not aware what they are doing to them, they are victims of mass brainwashing, they are like zombies. Fooling, misdirection, misleading, brainwashing is the key. I think it's time to reveal all evil actions, not only that of America. I know you know of some of those tactics too. Type it down and spread the word and help free people's minds by starting to help them recognize true evil actions. Be a good man or a good woman, move in the positive direction and keep purifying your thought and actions. We are good by default, and not fools by default.

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