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Message from Ag-Agria September 1st 2008

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posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 10:06 AM
This is not from me, I just found this on the net, so don't bombard me...I am only posting this for everyone to see.

I performed a search and did not find this so if this has been posted please remove.
For those of you who are abreast with the news of what is happening in the world, it is no surprise to find that it’s collapse is far reaching. However, what is becoming apparent, is the powerful energy generated by the people who are seeking changes that will move them onto a new level of being. The old ways are suddenly being seen as inadequate and unfulfilling, and unable to deliver what people desire. There is tiredness amongst you from being repeatedly embroiled in issues of war and confrontation. It is no longer acceptable, and your patience with your authorities is running out. You have realised that life should provide you with much satisfaction and would do so, as long as you were not having to consistently fight for acknowledgment of your entitlement to a happy and joyful life.

There is a sense of impending change even with those who are not spiritually aware, and as the new higher energies continue to reach the Earth so it will become more apparent. A stirring is taking place all over the world, and there are powerful movements forming that are determined to remove corrupt and dictatorial governments. For a long time we have told you that the truth is coming out, and today you see this to be true. The arrogance of those who thought they had covered up their crimes and would never be discovered, has changed to one of near panic as they see the walls of truth is approaching them from all sides. There is no escape and as much as they try to stem it, the truth continues to haunt them because of their dastardly deeds. Whilst it is true that they have little in the way of regret and their consciousness is awash with denial, they can still have an awakening Light within. They dare not face it, and will unsuccessfully try to avoid answering to themselves for their crimes against Humanity.


Thank you Ag-agria.

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posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 10:12 AM
Its nice of Mr Ag-agria to keep us informed

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