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Summary of Revelation!!??

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posted on Sep, 7 2008 @ 04:22 PM
My impressions of Revelations as I read it. Sorry that it's kinda long, but i didn't really want to leave anything out. Draw your own conclusions. My interpretation is found at the following thread:

seal one: white horse, conqueror
seal two: red horse, war
seal three: black horse: famine
seal four: sword, famine, pestilence, wild animals
seal five: people crying for justice; told to wait for a while
seal six: earthquake, sun goes dark, moon turns red, people hide in mountains
no wind on earth
144000 sealed for God
great multitude turns to God
seventh seal: half hour of silence
trumpet one: hail and fire mixed with blood, third of earth, trees, and grass burned
trumpet two: great mountain thrown into sea: third of ships, third of sea creatures die, and ocean becomes a third blood
trumpet three: burning star called wormwood: a third of waters become wormwood and many die
trumpet four: third of sun struck, third of moon, third of star, third of light darkened.
trumpet five: star falls to earth, smoke from shaft of abyss rises: locusts come from smoke for five months. Unsealed long to die. locusts appear to look like armored warriors led by Abbadon or Appolyon. First woe ends.
trumpet six: four angels near Euphrates released. kill a third of humans. 200 million cavalry.
humanity doesn't repent and continues being thing-loving.
seven thunder judgements: Unknown(take in context)
two witnesses prophecy for 1260 days dressed in sackcloth. gentiles overrun holy city for forty two months. killed by beast, and their dead bodies lie in Sodom/Eypt, until they are taken to God. Earthquake destroys tenth of city, and seven thousand die.
second woe over.
great red dragon sweeps down a third of stars on earth.
woman gives birth to child who rules world with rod of iron. child snatched away and taken to God, while woman flees to wilderness for 1260 days.
dragon tries to kill woman, but fails. angry, it makes war on the rest of God's children. Takes it's stand near seashore.
ten headed, seven horned beast out of sea. One head is hurt but lives and the power is given to it. Dragon gives authority to beast.
makes war on and conquers saints.
forty four months in power.
smaller beast performs moving image and makes the rest worship beast. number of beast: 666
lamb stands on mount zion with 144000 sealed. learn song like harps: only they know.
babylon falls, those who follow beast will suffer forever, earth reaped for an hour. sea of glass mixed with fire poured out on earth
bowl one: plague in the form of sores.
bowl two: sea turns to blood and sea creatures all die.
bowl three: all rivers turn to blood.
bowl four: sun scorches people with fire.
bowl five: the kingdom of the beast is darkened.
bowl six: Euphrates dries up to allow armies to cross from east. 3 foul spirits from mouth of beasts. world assembled for battle at Amageddon because spirits perform signs.
bowl seven: It is done: flashes of lightning, thunder, violent earthquake great city into three parts, and the cities of nations fall. All islands flee, no mountains to be found, and 100 pound hailstones drop from heaven.
seductive woman beast destroyed. Ten kings have power for one hour. Make war on God and conquered. beast hates woman and they have her killed, and burn her, under God's will.
Babylon has grown wicked and good must leave before final judgements, burned with fire. In one hour people cry as Babylon destroyed. sailors cry as it burns from out at sea.
24 elders fall down and worship lord.
white horse and rider come from heaven and make war and judge in righteoussness. army of heaven follows on white horses.
beast gathered to fight rider and enemy.
So many followers of the beast die that their blood fills the Valley of Jezreel, "up to the horses bridles".
beast judged, and false prophet judged. Both burn

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posted on Sep, 7 2008 @ 04:24 PM
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