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2012 as self fulfilling propaganda

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posted on Sep, 4 2008 @ 04:18 AM
Is the idea of 2012 as a moment of transcendental awakening a ruse meant to play upon the hopes and wishes of a desparate age? If enough people "believe" that 2012 is the anointed time of prophecy, will they not be more willing to blindly follow their hopes should some catalyst event compel them? Are the prophecies, theories and overhyping a social engineering tool designed to ensure that a significant proportion of people are pliant enough to go along with a grand deception? If a major catalyst event were to occur in 2012, and the masses were hyped into believing that it was part of a prophecy, how readily would they go to their fate?

Eschatological prophesying is a symptom of disdain for the conditions imposed upon the individual that may be perceived as "unfair". They are nothing more than the misanthropic "I told you so" reactions of needy emotional vampires that require the belief and adoration of others to justify themselves in their own eyes.

End time prophecies make a great marketing tool, by playing on the fears of the general public and inherent distrust of authority. How better to get others to rally to your cause than by foretelling doom and offering the "only chance" for salvation; be it redemption through christ, submission to allah, activation of your chakra, negation of desire. All at a cost, either your free will or your pocket.

Here's the conspiracy - you're already free. You can do what you want provided you play the game just right. No one else is going to do it for you - you can't sit around hoping that because you followed a set of limitations (which lie contrary to the realities of existence and are designed to induce a feeble mentality upon the individual) you are suddenly going to be saved while all the people who wronged you will suffer, that "some day" the big man in the sky is going to come down and make the world just the way you want it.

Have a nice day everyone

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 03:56 PM

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 04:22 PM
First off I dont believe in the 2012 end date ..

I do believe in an end of things as we know it ..
And as you know I am a Christian and do believe the Lord is going to come and fix this mess in ways that we may think are unfair (but they are not) ...
and others (New Agers,Scientists,Earth Worshippers etc) believe that there is also an end coming dont they ?So this is not something one religion or whatever dreamed up ..........

I will use Scientists as my example ..but just about everyone knows an end is coming ..the when is what no one can agree on because no one knows when ...
Scienitists are saying that soon the sun will burn us like we were an in oven ...They also say the resources are not going to be able to sustain this current population for the next 20 years even ..this is true in a way ..the bible says the sun will get so hot on man that his skin will fall flake off in chunks also says this earth will be renewed by FIRE ..just like you would when you burn a field to replant new seed ..the bible also says that there will be famine from lack of rain and 1/3 of the plants will burn (From the heat) 1/3 of the creatures in the sea will die (From the poisons )all of which Not GOD ....and for sure many will be calling on the Lord during all of that to please save them (Wouldnt you ?) >...And Scientists call on man to save him with his knowledge (Scientific stuff trying to keep man alive and healthy etc etc is calling on man to save man isnt it ?) .....So you see even they know they need SAVING .....but just wont believe they need the CREATOR TO DO IT >...........

And I could go on ..but I am sure you get my point ..

Because ALL peoples no matter what belief they are or non belief KNOWS that MAN cannot continue as he is ..we are DOOMED for destruction ..THANKS TO MAN ....MAN needs saving from HIMSELF ....he just dont realize that yet ....

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 04:45 PM
I think everything is by default A 'self' fulfilling prophecy. After all, there really only is one self, and that is the ineffable source, everything else is hypothetical illusion played out for the sake of the illusory finite experience.

Speaking within the parameters of the local experience, I would have to say its going to be an intriguing ride no matter who you think you are or what you think you think. We will have fanatical Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Satanists going nuts in three directions, some who think its god, some who think its a deception, and some who dont think, and let god do all the explaining, hold not onto any views that do not explain all sides of all situation leaving absolutely no questions to be asked. We will have the same ratio of spiritual believers of various religions doing the same. We will also have those who cannot be shaken of their experiences of dimensions other than this one seemingly higher, these are the people who took the third path even while some are still temporarily infected by dogma, they will be smiling in the face of love creation and destruction as they see them both for what they are. They see limitation and control systems as false understandings and refuse to pretend to submit to any control leaders or factions other than the source of all experience which is not a leader at all but merely the source. The people with experiential knowledge of this illusion machine and its illusory operating system will inevitably return unto the singular source which they spawned themselves forth from while their idea of physical presentation will remain constant to those who have faith that things material exist at all, and all the rest will inevitably reach the point of the latter where they too will seemingly one day in a repetition of astrological histories, be liberated from their finite faith in solid concepts.

There is no escaping evolution.

Keeping in mind the first paragraph, apply 'as above so below', and youll see exactly how it works out on each level of perception and experience.
For example, Source self fulfilled reality and then individuality, so therefor, everything in reality or individuality will follow the same fractal echo.

Remember the wise words of bill hicks and Terrence McKenna "Its all just a ride" (and since we made the ride, we meaning source not ego or individual, everything perceived in on and around the ride, will reflect our pure original source nature)
"Nothing matters; so everything will matter" heh "matter" how ironic... coincidence? or as above so below?

[edit on 10/24/2008 by psychedeliack]

posted on Oct, 24 2008 @ 05:18 PM
reply to post by psychedeliack

(I am turning off my Christian view for a second here ok )
Lets just assume evolution could be true .How on earth could man evolve into whatever he was going to evolve to with EVERYONE messing with the NATURE of all things ...Including what we eat and drink ,take for pills,take for long life ...get sprayed on us ....get vaccinated for ..get surgeries for ...get new parts fake blood ...etc etc etc etc etc etc .....
Until man gets his hand off of NATURAL things and quits trying to alter and change the natural process of things ..*EVERYTHING .....etc whatever was natural ....MAN is going nowhere but to DEATH AND DESTRUCTION ..SOONER rather than later because of all of mans tinkering with things ....then there will be no evolving ..nothing ....kaputs ...(did I spell that right lol)

posted on Jul, 7 2009 @ 08:39 PM
Way to derail my thread, fluffbunnies.

The "eschatological" theories of scientists are sound, and typically are projected many millions/billions of years in the future. You speak, as many duped others do, of science as if it is a conglomerate with it's own agenda. Get a clue. "Science vs Religion" is a soundbite. Spit it out.

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